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Most people who get arrested in Darien Connecticut for Assault in the Third Degree are usually arrested in connection with a domestic violence case. Assault Third and Disorderly Conduct are the most commonly charged domestic violence crimes in Darien Connecticut and cover a broad range of domestic disputes among husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, exes, and other family members.

However, what’s most frustrating to the best Darien assault lawyers is how the Darien Police are quick to issue press releases of Assault Third Degree arrests in Darien Connecticut to the local newspapers and online news websites such as the Darien Times, the Darien News Online, and the Darien Patch. The last thing you need after getting arrested in Darien is for your neighbors, employer or boss to see your mug shot and arrest reports plastered on the internet.

Additionally, an Assault Third Degree arrest in Darien Connecticut comes with an overbearing protective/restraining order which—if not properly handled by a lawyer—can keep you ordered out of your home for months, and can also have you banned from having any contact with your kids.

So if you’ve been arrested in Darien Connecticut for Assault Third Degree C.G.S. § 53a-61, be sure to contact a domestic violence attorney who can assist you through the court process and help you protect your record, as well as your online and offline reputations.

Appearing in Superior Court

Once you’ve been arrested in Darien for Assault Third Degree under CGS 53a-61, you will be ordered to report to Stamford Superior Court on the very next business morning. The Town of Darien does not have any civil or criminal courthouses of its own, so every criminal arrest in Darien is referred to Stamford Superior Court, located at 123 Hoyt Street in downtown Stamford.

Expect to spend the entire day at Stamford Court—it’s a day of interviews, safety assessments, and a critical protective/restraining order hearing where the Stamford judge will hear from various court officers, the state’s attorney, the alleged victim of your Darien Assault Third Degree arrest, and you or your domestic violence assault lawyer in Darien. The most important and informed as possible before walking into court, and if possible, to hire a top lawyer to assist you.

Fighting Your Offense

For many Darien Connecticut residents, a first-time buy cheap generic antibiotics arrest in Darien for Assault Third Degree under C.G.S. § 53a-61 can be traumatic. The Darien Police do not give warnings in domestic violence assault police calls. They are under strict protocols to make arrests and refer families to the Stamford Superior Court domestic violence docket so that services and monitoring plans can be put in place.

But as the top Darien Connecticut criminal law firms who regularly appear in Stamford Superior Court know, first-time arrests for a Darien Assault Third Degree charge should never result in a guilty plea or permanent criminal record or conviction.

Your top Darien domestic violence assault attorney will be well-versed in the numerous defense strategies and legal arguments that can lead to a quick dismissal or dropping of your charge.

Everything is on the table during a first offender Assault arrest in Darien—including filing a motion to dismiss, motion to suppress, an anger management evaluation, a quick stint in counseling, or asking for a speedy trial. Whatever the strategy, the focus must be on results—getting you the best result, as quickly as possible, without admitting any kind of guilt whatsoever, and while protecting and preserving your personal and professional reputations.

Let a Darien Assault Attorney Help

Many of the best lawyers are routinely asked whether it’s necessary to hire a criminal lawyer for their Darien Assault arrest for domestic violence. If you can afford an attorney, then the answer is an unequivocal yes.

Reason 1: you need a lawyer to assist you on your first court date, especially when you’re being grilled by Stamford Superior Court family relations officers and when you are standing in open court at your Darien Connecticut restraining/protective order hearing.

Reason 2: having any of the top Darien assault attorneys helping you fight your Darien Connecticut Assault Third Degree arrest under C.G.S. § 53a-61 will almost always result in a quicker resolution than if you were handling the case alone, regardless of whether your case ends in a dismissal, nolle or acquittal at trial.

Reason 3: a top Darien Connecticut criminal law firm can help you get your arrest reports and mug shots off the internet and off Google searches. Any one of those reasons are cause enough to contact any of the best Darien Connecticut criminal law firms.

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