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Receiving a misdemeanor summons and complaint or getting arrested for Disorderly Conduct in Darien Connecticut under CGS 53a-182 requires you to report to Stamford Superior Court on the very next business day for your first court date, called the “arraignment.”

There, you will be compelled to defend yourself in a restraining order hearing, where you will need to explain to the judge why you should not be ordered out of your house or restricted from having contact with your accusers or kids for the pendency of your case.

That first court date for your domestic violence lawyer is an all-day affair, so plan on taking the entire day off from work or school. Additionally, you might also have to defend yourself and your family against an invasive Darien Connecticut DCF investigation of abuse or neglect if your minor children (those under 18) were in the house or in your presence when you were arrested for Disorderly Conduct.

Finally, once you get your Darien Connecticut Disorderly Conduct case dismissed, you will need to work aggressively to get your arrest reports, mug shot, and name off the internet and off Google, especially on popular Darien sites like the Darien Patch, Darien Times, and the Darien News Online.

So if you have been arrested or ticketed for Disorderly Conduct, do not wait until after your first court date to consult with a Darien Disorderly Conduct lawyer.

What is Disorderly Conduct?

The crime of Disorderly Conduct in Darien Connecticut is codified in Connecticut General Statutes (“CGS”) 53a-182. The best Darien Connecticut criminal lawyers and defense attorneys are constantly frustrated by how broadly Darien police interpret this crime.

To get arrested in Darien for Disorderly Conduct, you must knowingly annoy, alarm, or inconvenience another individual, or recklessly do so. The law applies to you whether you’re in public or in the privacy of your own home.

As the top criminal law firms in Darien, Connecticut, can explain, there is a very low threshold. Police err on the side of caution and safety and would much rather execute the arrest and let the “experts” in court vet out whether your situation is high-risk, or a low-risk anomaly.

What Are The Penalties For Disorderly Conduct in Darien?

No matter how minor you may think the situation is, a Darien Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest is a Class C Misdemeanor and subjects you to a three-month prison sentence, a $500 fine, and probation which restricts out-of-state travel if you’re found guilty.

First Time Offenders

If you are facing a first-time offender arrest in Darien Connecticut for Disorderly Conduct, then you will be given the option by Family Relations Officers to apply for the Family Violence Education Program (called “FVEP” in court.)

Family Relations Officers are court-appointed agents who will attempt to give you some advice during your case, and will mail you an official-looking form during your Darien Disorderly Conduct arrest case that will “order” you to report to court for a periodic interview with their officers.

But what they will not tell you, is that working with the Office of Family Relations, and even applying for the Family Violence Education Program, are optional case strategies. That is why the only person you should be taking advice from in your case is your Darien Disorderly Conduct attorney.

The Family Violence Program can keep your case and restraining orders open for up to two years. Did Family Relations explain that to you? You cannot miss more than one of these classes if you suddenly have a work or childcare conflict.

While the Family Violence Education Program is certainly appropriate—and can even be the best resolution—for your Darien Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest, do yourself a service and vet this issue out with any of the best Darien Connecticut criminal law firms before applying.

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When you have been arrested for Disorderly Conduct in Darien, Connecticut as a result of a domestic violence dispute, reach out to an experienced Darien Disorderly Conduct lawyer before your first court date. Do not get blindsided at your arraignment with an overly restrictive protective/restraining order or unnecessary and time-consuming conditions of release such as anger management and alcohol/drug classes.

Our team is available to respond on short notice to appear by your side and work with you to try and get your Darien Disorderly Conduct arrest as quickly as possible. You can also retain our firm to assist you in getting your Darien Connecticut arrest reports removed offline and off Google.

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