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Sex offense accusations can cause irreparable damage. To best protect your future, it is best to seek assistance from a seasoned legal professional. An experienced Darien sex crimes lawyer criminal defense attorney could help you effectively protect your rights and work towards helping you seek a favorable outcome.

What Are The Criminal Consequences for Sex Crimes in Connecticut?

The consequences that could come from a sex crime conviction vary significantly depending on the exact charge a defendant is facing, as well as the presence—or lack thereof—of certain aggravating factors. A sexual assault charge could be considered a class A misdemeanor in one case or a class A felony in another, depending on the type of interaction that allegedly occurred, whether the alleged perpetrator used or threatened force, and the age of the alleged victim.

“Nonviolent” sex crimes like fourth-degree sexual assault, solicitation, and prostitution are considered class A misdemeanors, meaning the maximum criminal penalties a person could face upon conviction would be one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. Conversely, violent criminal offenses are usually felonies punishable by steeper fines and imprisonment in state prison rather than a local or county jail.

Furthermore, any sex crime that involves a minor will almost always result in more severe punishments upon conviction as well as the potential for DCF investigation. For instance, while solicitation of a prostitution is usually a misdemeanor, Connecticut General Statutes §53a-83b defines commercial sexual abuse of a minor as either a class B felony or class A felony depending on whether the minor in question is older than 15.

Representation from a skilled Darien sex crimes attorney is especially critical for anyone facing allegations of assaulting, abusing, or engaging in any illicit sexual contact with someone under 18.

What Are The Sex Offender Registration Requirements?

In addition to fines, prison time, and numerous personal and professional repercussions, individuals convicted of sex crimes in Connecticut are generally required to register as sex offenders. Once someone is registered as a sex offender with the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, information about where they live and what crime(s) they were convicted of will be available to employers, landlords, and the general public as long as that registration is active.

Under C.G.S. §54-251 a first conviction for certain nonviolent sexual offenses or an offense against a minor with a sexual connotation mandates registration as a sex offender for a period of 10 years. Subsequent convictions for these types of offenses require permanent registration, as will any conviction for a violent sexual offense. A sex crimes attorney in Darien could clarify whether registration as a sex offender would be a mandatory consequence following conviction for a particular charge.

Let a Darien Sex Crimes Attorney Help

Hiring qualified legal counsel could end up making all the difference in how your case progresses and the outcome it ultimately results in. At avvo.com you can read about why over 300 clients have left 5-star reviews after working with Mark Sherman Law. To learn more about what a Darien sex crimes lawyer could do for you in your situation, call today to set up a consultation.

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