Darien Sugar Daddy Extortion Lawyer

As experienced defense attorneys know, extortion allegations can have serious consequences even for people with no prior criminal history. Fortunately, though, you have help available from an experienced Darien “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer with a track record of positive results from similar cases in the past.

Is Being a “Sugar Baby” Against the Law in Connecticut?

Like most other states, Connecticut explicitly prohibits people from soliciting money from or paying money to someone else expressly in exchange for sexual services—in other words, prostitution. When it comes to “sugar daddy” and “sugar baby” relationships, though, things get a bit more complicated. While these kinds of arrangements can and often do involve sex, paying someone to be in a relationship which may or may not lead to sex at some point is not strictly illegal under the Connecticut Penal Code, and law enforcement authorities generally prefer not to get involved in them whenever possible.

However, that dynamic changes if the “sugar baby” in such an arrangement threatens to publicly reveal what their “sugar daddy” has been doing with them unless that sugar daddy pays them more money or provides them with something else of value. If the “sugar daddy” makes the payment, the “sugar baby” has committed Larceny by Extortion as defined under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-122. If law enforcement chooses to press charges under this statute, contacting a Darien “sugar daddy” extortion attorney as soon as possible is vital to effectively handling the ensuing criminal case.

Possible Consequences of a “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Conviction

Arrangements between “sugar daddies” and “sugar babies”—in non-colloquial terms, agreements by one person to pay another to be in an often-intimate relationship with them—can sour in an instant, and that sometimes leads to accusations that the person being paid for the arrangement was illegally blackmailing or extorting the one paying them. Regardless of how much money or property a “sugar baby” allegedly obtained by blackmailing their “sugar daddy,” Larceny by Extortion is always considered a Class B felony in Connecticut. This means that even a first-time offender with no prior criminal record could face a mandatory minimum one-year prison term up to a maximum of 20 years as well as a maximum of $15,000 in fines upon conviction for this offense.

In addition, if any incriminating information regarding the “sugar daddy” is released to the public in a way that causes that person to suffer financial, social, or personal harm, they may have grounds to pursue civil litigation against their “sugar baby” for the economic and non-economic losses they have sustained. Even if the information revealed by the “sugar baby” is completely true and genuine, the act of releasing it may open them up to civil liability, as a “sugar daddy” extortion attorney in Darien can further explain.

Let a Darien “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Attorney Help

Being accused of extorting or blackmailing someone who was previously paying you to be in a relationship with them can carry life-altering criminal sanctions and result in serious trouble in civil court as well. When you face allegations along these lines, working closely with a seasoned Darien “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer can make a difference in how effectively you enforce your rights and how your case ultimately resolves.

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