Fairfield Assault in the Third Degree Lawyer

While the circumstances that give rise to a charge of third-degree assault may be minor, the consequences are not. If you are convicted of this charge, you may face a heavy fine, jail time, and a violent criminal record which can cause a host of problems. It is important to contact an experienced Fairfield assault in the third degree lawyer as soon as possible. A top attorney could work tirelessly for a positive resolution to your case.

What is Assault in the 3rd Degree in Fairfield Connecticut?

Under Connecticut General Statutes §53a-61, a third-degree assault occurs when someone either:

  • Intentionally acts to cause physical harm to another and succeeds in injuring either that person or a third party
  • Recklessly acts in a way that causes serious physical injury to another
  • Uses a deadly weapon, dangerous instrument or electronic defense weapon in a criminally negligent way that causes physical injury to another

In the first and third situation, the resulting injury does not need to be serious at all. Any infliction of pain or “impairment of physical condition” will be considered a sufficient “physical injury.” When someone acts recklessly without a weapon, the injury must be serious in order for that person to be convicted of third-degree assault.

Penalties for Third-Degree Assault

Under CGS §53a-61(b), third-degree assault is considered a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail, a fine of up to $2,000, and a period of probation. Additionally, if convicted, you will have a permanent criminal record. Given the severity of these punishments, the potential importance of strong representation from an assault in the third degree lawyer in Fairfield cannot be overstated.

Is there Mandatory Jail Time with a Fairfield Assault in the Third Degree Conviction?

Yes, sometimes.  If the assault is committed with a dangerous weapon or against a vulnerable member of society, such as a disabled, pregnant, blind, or elderly person, then the one-year term of imprisonment is mandatory and may not be suspended or reduced.

How Can I Fight my Fairfield Assault Third Degree Case?

Because the penalties for a conviction are harsh, it is important to get in touch with an experienced Fairfield criminal defense firm, who can go over potential defense strategies with you.  Whether you did not mean to cause someone physical injury, or whether there is other helpful mitigation information, your attorney could collect favorable evidence and put together a defense.

Consult with a Fairfield Third Degree Assault Attorney Today

Although third-degree assault is a misdemeanor, the consequences can have negative impacts for years to come, affecting not only your background checks, but your reputation in your community.

For these reasons and more, it is wise for anyone facing such charges to speak with a Fairfield assault in the third degree lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner we start working on your case, the sooner we could begin collecting and preserving valuable evidence that may make all the difference in the outcome.

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