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An arrest in Fairfield Connecticut for Disorderly Conduct usually stems from a domestic violence dispute among family members, significant others, or roommates. Following every arrest for Disorderly Conduct, the arresting officer will order you to appear in Bridgeport Superior Court on the very next business morning (Fairfield Connecticut does not have any courthouses of its own).

This is when the matter gets serious, as an intense protective/restraining order hearing takes place at your first court date. And to make matters worse, if your children were present during your Fairfield Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest, then you can expect the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) to launch an investigation into you and your family.

So if you have been arrested in Fairfield for Disorderly Conduct / C.G.S. 53a-182, then get yourself prepared as possible for your first court date, and be sure to contact a top Fairfield domestic violence lawyer attorney right away.

What To Expect At Your First Court Date

If you are arrested for Disorderly Conduct in Fairfield, then you will be required to appear at Bridgeport Superior Court on the very next business morning. The court is located at 172 Golden Hill Street in Bridgeport. The very first thing that happens at your court date is that you will be ordered to report to the Office of Family Relations for an evaluation and interview.

During this interview, the Family Relations Officer will ask you tough, personal, and uncomfortable questions about the incident, your mental health background, arrest record, and relationship history that will likely catch you off-guard if you’re not adequately prepared.

Remember, everything you say to Family Relations can be used against you. So while this may be called a “routine” evaluation, know that is anything but “routine” and being too candid with you’re the Family Relations Officer can backfire in court.

So make sure your top Fairfield Disorderly Conduct lawyer prepares you for this interview, as your answers can give the judge good cause to order you out of your home for months.

Winning Your Restraining / Protective Order Hearing

After your interview with the Family Relations Officer, you will then be ushered back into the Bridgeport arraignment courtroom where your restraining/protective order hearing will take place. A Fairfield Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest protective/restraining order hearing takes place quickly so be ready. Having a top Fairfield criminal attorney by your side at this hearing is crucial.

The judge first hears arguments from the prosecutor, Family Relations Officer, Bail Commissioner and the alleged “victim” in your case (or the victim’s advocate or victim’s attorney.) They will each tell the judge what level of protective order should be issued against you—ranging from a Full No Contact order which orders you out of your house, or the most lenient “Limited” or “Partial” protective order which just orders you not to assault, threaten or harass the victim.

Then you or your attorney will be given a chance to argue against a protective order. Once the judge makes a decision on the Fairfield Connecticut restraining order, then the court will also order “conditions of release” such as anger management, alcohol or drug counseling and testing, and even worse, GPS ankle bracelet monitoring. After that, your case will then be transferred to the Bridgeport domestic violence docket, where it will be handled exclusively by a Bridgeport domestic violence prosecutor.

Online Arrest Records

As soon as you are arrested in Fairfield Connecticut for Disorderly Conduct, expect to see your arrest plastered all over the internet—including the Fairfield Police Department’s online arraignment report page and online news sites like the Fairfield Minuteman, Fairfield Citizen Online, the Connecticut Post, the Fairfield Daily Voice, and the Fairfield Patch. These arrest reports usually feature your unflattering mug shot and a slanted, unfair and biased summary of your arrest report that is nothing short of police propaganda.

These articles are unfortunately highly searchable, easy to find by potential employers, and can cause havoc to your online reputation. Fortunately, our attorneys have made history in Connecticut by fighting these online media giants and paving the way in Connecticut internet scrubbing law.

We have helped many of our clients get their dismissed Connecticut arrests taken offline and have also pressured Google to take the corresponding search footprints as well.

Contact a Fairfield Disorderly Conduct Attorney

If you are facing a CGS 53a-182 Disorderly Conduct arrest in Fairfield, then you should immediately contact one of the disorderly conduct attorneys in Fairfield today, especially before your first court date.

To learn more about our firm, keep reading through the useful information on this ctdomesticviolencehelp.com resource website, and be sure to read what our former clients have to say about us on our Avvo.com-certified client review pages. We are available 24/7 to take your call and are also available to discuss any DCF investigation that may have been initiated against you or your family.

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