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Sex crime allegations are treated extremely seriously by Connecticut legal authorities, and if you are convicted of one in a court of law, you could find yourself looking at years behind bars, steep fines, and potentially mandatory registration as a sex offender. The support of a qualified Fairfield sex crimes lawyer with experience handling these kinds of charges could make a massive difference in how your case proceeds and what your life looks like after it ends.

What are Sexual Assault Offenses in Fairfield?

Like many other states, Connecticut state law has stopped using the term “rape” in the context of criminal prosecution, instead opting for “sexual assault” as a catch-all term for non-consensual sexual activity. There are four discrete degrees of sexual assault under current state law, each of which is differentiated from the other based on two factors: whether the defendant used force to compel sexual activity, and whether the defendant engaged in sexual contact or sexual intercourse with their alleged victim.

What are the Penalties for a Sex Crime if the Alleged Victim is Under the Age of 16?

Additionally, sexual assault offenses are automatically elevated if the alleged victim was under the age of 16. As per Connecticut General Statutes §53a-73a, sexual assault in the fourth degree—which entails sexual contact with someone who does not or materially cannot consent—is a class A misdemeanor if committed against an adult and a class D felony if committed against a minor. In other words, an adult committing statutory rape of a minor is always a felony in Connecticut, regardless of other circumstances involved. Additionally, a sex offense involving a minor could open you up to investigation by the Department of Children and Families.

The most severe penalties available for sexual assault—specifically, class A felony aggravated sexual assault of a minor—are uniquely defined by C.G.S. §53a-35a to include a minimum prison sentence of 25 years and a maximum of 50 years. Regardless of how severe the allegations against an individual defendant are, a Fairfield sex crimes attorney could work tirelessly on their behalf to protect their rights and advocate for a positive case resolution.

Are There Other Types of Sex Crimes Addressed Under State Law?

Most other sex offenses prohibited under Connecticut law—including the dissemination, production, and/or possession of child pornography—are considered felonies just like sexual assault offenses are. A few notable exceptions are the offenses of providing or soliciting sexual services in exchange for money or something else of value, both of which are class A misdemeanor offenses.

Notably, there is only one type of sex offense other than sexual assault and crimes against minors that may require registration as a sex offender upon conviction. Specifically, voyeurism as defined in C.G.S. §53a-189a may be grounds for mandatory sex offender registration if it is done for the purposes of sexual gratification. A local sex crimes lawyer could offer further clarification about what consequences may stem from different sex offenses under state law.

Seek Professional Legal Help from a Fairfield Sex Crimes Attorney

If you are facing charges for a sexual offense, you need experienced legal help. A consultation with a Fairfield sex crimes lawyer could be a crucial first step towards preserving your future prospects. Having a lawyer in your corner can help. You can read reviews from our prior clients on Avvo.com here to learn more. Call today to schedule a meeting.

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