Fairfield Sexual Assault Lawyer

If you were accused of sexual assault, you could benefit from the help of a criminal defense attorney in planning your defense strategy and contesting your charges in court. A qualified Fairfield sexual assault lawyer could work tirelessly on your behalf to defend your best interests and pursue a positive resolution to your case.

What are the Degrees of Sexual Assault in Fairfield?

There are four degrees of sexual assault codified in Connecticut General Statutes §§53a-70 through 53a-73a, each of which a knowledgeable Fairfield sexual assault attorney could help contest on a defendant’s behalf. Allegations of sexual assault are categorized within these degrees based primarily on two factors: whether the defendant used force to commit the assault in question, and whether they engaged in sexual contact or sexual intercourse with someone who could not or did not consent.

Fourth-degree and second-degree sexual assault respectively involve illicit sexual contact and sexual intercourse with a person who cannot possibly consent to that consent due to age, physical or mental incapacity, or the position of authority the alleged perpetrator has over them. Conversely, third-degree and first-degree sexual assault involve sexual contact and sexual intercourse predicated on the use or threat of force by the perpetrator.

What Consequences Could a Sexual Assault Conviction Carry?

With the exception of fourth-degree sexual assault of someone over the age of 16, which is a class A misdemeanor, all sexual assault offenses in Connecticut are felony offenses that could result in a year or more in prison upon conviction. The maximum allowable penalties for a sexual assault conviction vary depending on its degree of classification, as well as on the age of the alleged victim and other aggravating factors like the presence of a deadly weapon.

For example, under C.G.S. §53a-72a, third-degree sexual assault is a class D felony when committed against someone 16 years of age or older, but a class C felony if committed against someone under 16 years of age. However, if someone commits third-degree sexual assault with a deadly weapon in their possession, their ensuing charge would be a class C or class B depending on the age of their alleged victim.

What Are The Penalties For Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Minor?

The most severe form of sexual assault defined under state law is aggravated sexual assault of a minor, which C.G.S. §53a-70c categorizes as a unique class A felony punishable by a minimum of 25 years of imprisonment and a maximum of 50 years. Anyone facing felony charges for any form of sexual assault in Fairfield should retain a skilled lawyer as soon as possible if they want to successfully defend their right to a fair trial.

Should I Get a Lawyer?

Sex assault prosecutions can move quickly, and they can be treated with a particular severity. Having a lawyer in your corner could be beneficial for a number of reasons. To learn more about the benefits of a sexual assault lawyer, click here.

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