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Criminal arrests in Greenwich Connecticut involving domestic violence are often very emotional and draining on families and relationships.  Domestic violence convictions carry steep consequences, including jail time and/or fines, depending on the type and severity of the incident. If you have been charged with any type of domestic violence, it is highly advised that you seek the assistance of an experienced Greenwich domestic violence lawyer, who will craft the most robust defense possible to achieve a positive outcome in your case. To learn more or discuss what steps can be taken to help you, consult with a defense attorney today.

Domestic Violence Laws

There are several different types of behavior that can lead to a domestic violence arrest in Greenwich, each varying in degrees of severity. One common charge is assault in the first, second, or third degrees, with special circumstances if an elderly person, pregnant woman, or child is alleged to have been assaulted.

Some domestic violence charges do not involve actual physical harm at all, but a person can still be arrested in Greenwich if they allegedly threaten a family member with the intent of physical harm. Threatening may also occur in the first degree, making it a Class D felony.

One of the easiest domestic violence charges for police and prosecutors to prove in court, however, is disorderly conduct, due to the loosely written nature of the statute. Although disorderly conduct is a Class C misdemeanor, a conviction will still become part of a person’s permanent record, subject to search on all employment background checks.


Criminal arrests in Greenwich are considered anytime somebody is taken into custody for a violation of law by any law enforcement personnel. Unless an individual is charged with violating a crime, an individual is not arrested. An arrest has two components which are being taken into custody and the second component is an individual being taken into custody because an individual has violated a law, ordinance, or some sort of rule.

Despite the possibility of not getting put in handcuffs physically, the individual is still considered to be arrested if they have been taken into custody. A person can be arrested either by warrant or due to the officer witnessed or viewed the crime taking place in front of them. If the officer witnessed criminal activity, they can arrest the person and charge them with the crime based on their personal observation and also they can make an arrest based on the observations of others when the crime has recently occurred.

Importance of a Lawyer

Due to the emotional and sensitive nature of domestic violence arrests in Greenwich, they are often aggressively pursued by prosecution and law enforcement. Connecticut courts take domestic violence cases very seriously, which means that it is imperative that anyone who faces domestic violence charges takes the initiative to protect their rights by hiring a domestic violence lawyer in Greenwich to defend them.

It is also equally important that a person facing domestic violence charges seeks the assistance of a Greenwich domestic violence attorney who has extensive experience not only in domestic violence cases, but also in such cases specifically in the Stamford Superior Court, where all Greenwich domestic violence arrests are adjudicated.  Domestic violence laws and court procedures differ by state, and lawyers who understand the ins and outs of the Connecticut legal and court systems have a significant advantage in knowing how to address any given case.

As all cases are different, and the charges each person receives in the realm of domestic violence may vary in type and scope, it is important to retain the assistance of a Greenwich domestic violence attorney who is familiar in many different types of these cases.

Contacting an Attorney

Many domestic violence charges lead to the issuance of criminal protective orders in Greenwich, which can order you out of your own home immediately, as well as ordering no contact with your spouse and/or children. Retaining the services of an experienced Greenwich domestic violence attorney can at times increase a person’s chances of being allowed back into his or her home and keeping their record clean.

If you have been charged with a domestic violence arrest in Greenwich, take charge of your situation by contacting a skilled Greenwich domestic violence lawyer today. An attorney can assist you in building an aggressive defense and keeping you well informed throughout the process.

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