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Criminal arrests in Greenwich Connecticut involving domestic violence are often very emotional and draining on families and relationships. Domestic violence convictions carry steep consequences, including jail time and/or fines. If you were charged with any type of domestic violence, it is highly advised that you seek the assistance of an experienced Greenwich domestic violence lawyer, who will craft the most robust defense possible to achieve a positive outcome in your case. To learn more or discuss what steps can be taken to help you, consult with a defense attorney today.

What is Domestic Violence in Greenwich Connecticut?

When certain offenses are committed between people involved in a designated relationship – like spouses, significant others, roommates, or immediate family members – they often become regarded as acts of “domestic violence.” The most common domestic violence arrests that experienced Greenwich criminal attorneys see are Disorderly Conduct, Assault, Unlawful Restraint, Risk of Injury to a Minor, and Strangulation.


Criminal arrests in Greenwich occur anytime someone is taken into custody for a violation of law by any law enforcement personnel. Even if someone is not physically put in handcuffs, the individual is still considered to be arrested if they were taken into custody. A person can be arrested either by warrant or when an officer witnesses criminal activity. They can make an arrest based on the observations of others when the crime has recently occurred.

While your exact charges will vary depending on the allegations, any arrest is serious. Right now, Connecticut is taking domestic violence allegations more seriously than ever.

Will I Get a Protective Order Against Me if I am Arrested for Domestic Violence in Connecticut?

Yes. On the next business day after a Greenwich domestic violence arrest, you will be required to show up to the Stamford Superior Court, where a judge will issue you a protective order. The order may prohibit you from having contact with the other person, and it may require you to move out of your home while the case is pending. A top Greenwich domestic violence lawyer can help argue against burdensome protective orders and file motions to modify orders that are already in place.

Is Domestic Violence a Felony in Connecticut?

It can be. For example, if you are accused of slapping your significant other, you will likely be arrested for third-degree assault, which is a Class A misdemeanor. However, if you are accused of causing a serious physical injury, then you will likely be arrested for second-degree assault, which is a Class D felony.

What are the Penalties for a Greenwich Domestic Violence Arrest?

Any criminal arrest in Connecticut will leave you exposed to substantial penalties, including a permanent criminal record that can negatively impact your background checks and reputation in the community. But – regardless of your specific charges – you will also be exposed to a period of jail time, probation, and fines if you are convicted or plead guilty.

Contacting an Attorney

Due to the emotional and sensitive nature of domestic violence arrests in Greenwich, they are often aggressively pursued by prosecution and law enforcement. Connecticut courts take domestic violence cases very seriously, which means that it is imperative that anyone who faces domestic violence charges takes the initiative to protect their rights by hiring a domestic violence lawyer in Greenwich to defend them.

If you have been charged with a domestic violence arrest in Greenwich, take charge of your situation by contacting a skilled Greenwich domestic violence lawyer today. An attorney can assist you in building an aggressive defense and keeping you well informed throughout the process.

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