Defending an Assault Charge in Greenwich

A Greenwich lawyer can properly defend their client with an assault charge by first making sure that all the appropriate evidence is gathered. This includes gathering all of the video evidence that may be available to be preserved, any witness statements that are available, and giving the medical evidence to an appropriate professional to be analyzed. Analyzing the evidence will allow the lawyer to see what the degree of harm actually was.

The other crucial element in defending an assault charge in Greenwich is gathering any positive information about the person so that it can be used to mitigate the sentence. Finally, it is crucial for an attorney to their client into appropriate services and counseling. That will be helpful in the family type assault cases or domestic violence type cases where judges and prosecutors in the Family Relations Department will be looking for an engagement in those types of services.

An experienced lawyer will be able to put together a strong case to help defend an individual’s assault charge in Greenwich.

Common Assault Charges

The most common assault charges in Greenwich are domestic violence type cases or assault involving a family member. Outside of that, the most common assault situations arise when people are inebriated, drunk, or under the influence of some kind of drug or alcohol.

Severity of the Charge

Greenwich law enforcement takes assault charges very seriously, and will generally prosecute it every time that it is brought to their attention. In the family assault situation, a police officer does not have any discretion, and must make an arrest as long they have probable cause that an assault has occurred.

They will need to make the arrest even if they otherwise might just be inclined to let something go because of many different circumstances. In the family type of case that they cannot do that and must make an arrest regardless.

Intimidation Factor

Greenwich assault charges can be intimidating for a number of reasons. The unknown nature of the court process, the options that are available to them, and the concern that it can result in a very serious penalty and consequence can often intimidate a person.

Once the client understands what is ahead of them and what options they have, they may be able to better handle their charge. Even if they are facing a serious penalty, knowing exactly what is in front of them will give them the most degree of calming influence over the situation.

Investigative Process

In Greenwich assault charges, the prosecution is trying to prove that the defendant committed an act that was intended to hurt another person, and that individual did, in fact, hurt the other individual.

The investigation process in defending an assault charge in Greenwich will not be very long assuming that an individual has somebody that is injured and has other people that can confirm who inflicted the injury on the third person. Officers will make the arrest as soon as they have what they need to determine that those factors that have been alleged have occurred.

If there is any additional evidence that an attorney needs, they will continue their investigation after making an arrest. Law enforcement will try and make the arrest as soon as they possibly can.

Gathering Evidence

Medical evidence, video evidence, audio evidence, witness statements, or any of the types of evidence that have previously been mentioned will be gathered by an attorney in preparation to defend an assault charge in Greenwich.

A lawyer will be looking to find any evidence that would support the types of defenses available in the individual’s particular case.

Potential Defenses

Self-defense is one of the most common defenses to use in a Greenwich assault charge, meaning that the person that is charged with assault only committed the assault because they believed that they were in danger of being hurt themselves.

The other defenses available are that the individual did not intend to do anything, and did not intend to cause the result that they actually caused.

The other type of defense that can be used is that the actual physical injury that occurred was not as serious as it was initially believed to be.

Importance of an Attorney

It is critical for an individual to retain the service of an attorney because assault cases can be very serious. An assault charge in Greenwich has serious levels of punishment that can range anywhere from imprisonment or probation to very serious fines that need to be paid to the person that was hurt.

However, there are a lot of opportunities to mitigate the circumstances significantly or to have the charges dismissed if the person is eligible for a diversionary program or if it is a bonafide self-defense case or misunderstanding.

Call a Greenwich Assault Attorney for Your Defense

There are a lot of defense options that can arise for somebody that is charged with an assault in Greenwich to get something reduced or dismissed altogether. It is important to be talking to an attorney that is well versed in assault defenses so that they can be presented appropriately. Contact us today.

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