Greenwich Assault on an Officer Defense Strategies

There are many defenses that an individual can employ when looking to reduce or dismiss the penalties associated with assaulting an officer in Greenwich. These defenses can be effectively employed by an experienced attorney to help produce a successful outcome on behalf of the individual accused.

If you have been charged with a crime in relation to the assault of an officer, it is crucial that you consult with experienced legal counsel immediately to begin building a case.

Body Cameras

The use of body cameras could potentially exonerate the defendant if it was observed the act was justified on behalf of the individual accused. However, it may also make it easier to prove for the prosecutor.

A body camera will show the circumstances of the case exactly as they are, so that evidence may actually help defendants more than it hurts them. For example, the body cam may show that the person accidentally hit the officer instead of intentionally assaulting them. The officer may have been trying to arrest the person and the individual flung their arm away and accidentally hit the officer.

The body cam may show very clearly that the person charged with an assault of an officer was not taking an action that was intended to hurt the officer or even hit him, but that they just happened to do so by the circumstances that the person was involved in. The body cam evidence will be incredibly helpful in getting to the truth of what happened and used to properly defend an individual in their Greenwich assault on an officer charge.

Potential Defenses

The potential defenses available in a Greenwich assault on an officer charge will be with regard to what the reason was for the assault, what the intent was in terms of what the defendant was trying to accomplish when they struck the officer, and the type of bodily injury that was suffered by the officer.

These factors may change the degree and severity of the punishment if it was something that was not quite serious bodily injury. The only mitigating circumstance an individual may have to consider is if the provocation does not justify what the person did.

Mitigating Circumstances

The mitigating circumstances that a defense attorney will be looking at is the defendant’s good character. As a defense strategy in a Greenwich assault on an officer charge, an attorney will attempt to show that this was an out-of-character moment for the person involved.

Out-of-Character Defense

To show that it is an out-of-character moment, a defense attorney may look at the person’s life to show that it was a deviation of an otherwise good character.

They will also show whether the individual was under the influence of some kind of intoxicating elements like alcohol or drugs, which will help the defense attorney explain to the court that this was not something that is a product of who the person is in general, but that they were overcome and unable to control their actions because of the intoxicating elements. This can potentially mitigate the circumstances to some degree.

Connotation of the Charge

The process is the same no matter an assault on an officer charge or simple assault, but the way that people look at it may be different. This type of assault charge may be more sensitive in the view of the prosecutor and the court. A defense attorney will be able to take the elements of the case and adjust the defense strategies to reflect an assault on an officer charge in Greenwich.

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