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It is not difficult to trigger a violation of Connecticut’s Breach of Peace laws. A fight or argument in public, raising the wrong finger at the wrong time, or participating in a protest march without the proper permit, are all scenarios that can lead to a criminal arrest in Greenwich, Connecticut for Breach of Peace.

But while is it easy to run afoul of the law, it is not as easy to avoid the unpleasant consequences that come with a Breach of Peace arrest. Even the misdemeanor version of breach of the peace carries penalties that include up to six months in jail.

If you have been charged with this violation, it is advisable to seek advice and counsel from a Greenwich Breach of Peace lawyer as soon as possible. Your experienced defense lawyer can provide guidance and serve as your advocate through the entire legal process, and can help you work toward the best possible outcome. After that, if you are able to get your case dismissed, your defense attorney may help you get your arrest off your record.

Breach of Peace Cases

While there are different scenarios that can qualify as either a first or second-degree breach of peace arrest in Greenwich, they all share generally will share the element of intent.

In order for conduct to violate the statutes, the individual must either:

  • Intend to cause inconvenience
  • Intend to annoy
  • Intend to alarm
  • Act recklessly enough to create a risk of causing any of the above

Misdemeanor Charges

Six different scenarios are set forth in the Connecticut code, any one of which can get someone arrested for a breach of the peace in the second degree arrest in Greenwich if committed with the intent or recklessness described above:

  • Fighting or violent, tumultuous, or threatening behavior in a public place
  • An individual assaulting or striking another
  • An individual threatening to commit a crime against another individual or their property
  • Publicly exhibiting, posting or advertising material about another that is considered “offensive, indecent, or abusive”
  • In a public place, using an obscene gesture or language
  • Creating a hazardous or offensive condition in public without a license or other permission.

A public place as defined under the statute includes property owned by private individuals so long as it is available or offered to the public.

Violations of this statute are classified as Class B misdemeanors. If convicted of a Greenwich Breach of Peace in the second-degree charge, then a person can face up to six months imprisonment and a fine of up to $1,000.

Felony Charges

A much more narrow category of wrongdoing is required to trigger an arrest in Greenwich Breach of Peace in the first degree.

While acting with the intent described above, a violation occurs when an individual places something that appears to be a bomb or other hazard in a public place or in a location where it is likely to be found by others. This statute only applies to imitation devices; placement of a working device would treated under different state and federal criminal laws.

First degree Breach of Peace is a Class D felony punishable by one to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

Contact a Greenwich Breach of Peace Attorney

Intent is a key element of a Greenwich breach of peace arrest. Accordingly, the actions and words of the individuals connected with the case become extremely important. Good legal representation can help ensure that the facts presented to the court appear in the most accurate and favorable light.

A Greenwich Breach of Peace lawyer will provide guidance throughout the process and help you work toward the most positive resolution of your case, so contact a skilled lawyer today.

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