Consequences of a First-Time Arrest for Assault in the Third Degree in Greenwich

When dealing with domestic violence in Greenwich, the party or parties may have to go to court on the next business day so that a protective order can be issued. If the police find out or a report is made, then the police may initiate an investigation.

An investigation may lead to an arrest if the person has violated the protective order, even if the violation is something as simple as sending a text message when they are not supposed to have contact. Even if the text message is not threatening and is not meant to harass, the violator can still be arrested for violating the protective order. Such an arrest is usually more serious than the underlying charges.

Violation of a protective order is a Class D or C felony in Connecticut. This may lead to other first-time arrest consequences for Greenwich third-degree assault. This includes the prospect of potential jail time, fines, and/or probation. If you are facing such charges, it is important to get in touch with a skilled attorney.

Types of Protective Orders After a Third Accusation

There are three types of protective orders, the most burdensome of which is a full no-contact protective order that prohibits any kind of contact whether in person, through a third party, or on social media. This order outlaws any type of contact.

The second order is a full residential stay-away protective order in which the two people are allowed to have contact outside of the protected person’s home. They can go to dinner and the protected person can go visit the defendant at work. However, the defendant just cannot go to the protected person’s home.

The least restrictive protective order is called the partial or limited protective order. In this order, the people are allowed to live together, allowed to go to each other’s home freely, can communicate freely, and can see each other as often as they like. The defendant is just prohibited from assaulting, abusing, threatening or harassing, following, or interfering with the protected party. These orders can be seen as potential first-time arrest consequences for Greenwich third-degree assault.

Laws Regarding Child Custody and Visitation

The criminal court does not deal with child custody or visitation. However, it can issue a protective order that protects either the children of the defendant or the protected person’s children. While the criminal court may not hash out exactly when and where the person can see their children, they might be prohibited from seeing the children in their home if that is where the protected person lives. They might also be prohibited from having contact with their children especially in cases in which the child is the actual victim.

Benefits of Hiring a Greenwich Domestic Violence Attorney After a Third Degree Offense

Many times, people believe they can handle the first court date themselves and believe that the situation is not serious. They may believe this if they have only received a misdemeanor summons and did not get taken into the Greenwich Police Department or booked. The person may then realize that the situation is completely overwhelming and the judge is issuing conditions that are beyond their ability to manage. It is always a good idea to hire an experienced domestic violence attorney first-time arrest consequences for Greenwich third-degree assault.

On that very first court date, there needs to be a meeting with the family relations officer and it is helpful to have an attorney there to prepare the client for that meeting.  In court, many situations can arise for which a client might find it useful to have an attorney present, such as the possibility of getting removed from his or her home or having conditions imposed that might interfere with the client’s work schedule. Having an experienced attorney present can help a client argue against some of those really burdensome conditions.

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