Domestic Violence Defenses in Greenwich

Understanding possible domestic violence defenses in Greenwich could be vital to effectively protecting your future prospects. A qualified  defense attorney could discuss your options with you in a confidential setting and, once retained, work tenaciously to pursue a positive resolution to your case on your behalf.

Completing the Family Violence Education Program

The Family Violence Education Program (“FVEP”) is one of a few diversionary programs meant to serve as an alternative to criminal prosecution in certain, specific situations. The FVEP begins with a nine-week course consisting of nine weekly classes that emphasize the negative impacts that family violence can have on everyone within a family, followed by a maximum two-year period of supervision to ensure the program participant does not engage in further domestic violence.

A defendant who successfully completes this program will have all their domestic violence charges dismissed. Connecticut residents can only participate in this program one time, and it is generally not something that defendants should pursue unless they have exhausted all other options for resolving the allegations against them.

Mediating the Underlying Domestic Dispute

In some situations, engaging in good-faith mediation to resolve a minor disagreement can be a productive way to resolve domestic violence allegations in both criminal and family court. However, this defense strategy is only appropriate in Greenwich domestic violence cases where the underlying charges against the defendant are not very serious, and where the court wants to focus on ensuring the safety of everyone involved more than on rehabilitating or punishing the defendant. As a seasoned attorney could further explain, mediation of domestic violence issues generally proceeds through the Family Relations Office within the court hearing the case.

Proving Domestic Violence Did Not Occur

The most straightforward means of defending against domestic violence accusations in Greenwich is presenting conclusive testimonial and documentary evidence showing that a defendant’s alleged misconduct did not meet the criteria necessary to constitute criminal behavior and/or that it does not indicate any future risk of danger to family or household members. However, this can be a high-risk, high-reward strategy, as failing to disprove allegations of this nature could lead to harsher sanctions down the road than what might have been imposed upon a defendant had they acknowledged guilt and negotiated in good faith with the court.

Discuss Possible Domestic Violence Defenses with a Greenwich Attorney

Even if you have no record of other domestic violence convictions or charges, a single substantiated allegation against you could lead to long-lasting protective orders, lost custody or visitation rights, and various criminal sanctions that, depending on the underlying offense, may include prison time. Having qualified legal representation on your side can be essential to contesting accusations like this in a proactive and effective way.

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