Greenwich Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

Almost any loud or disruptive dispute between two people can result in a Disorderly Conduct arrest. These arrests are sometimes embarrassing, and can also have serious impacts on both the professional and personal lives of the parties involved. Arrests for disorderly conduct can catch people off guard because they seem harmless, as they are usually presented in a way that resembles a simple speeding ticket. However, these charges are taken incredibly seriously and can often be accompanied by a restraining order hearing. The penalties can begin to add up quickly.

If you have been charged with this offense, it is pertinent that you contact a Greenwich disorderly conduct lawyer prior to going to court. An experienced domestic violence attorney could gather all the available evidence and build a strong defense to help lessen or reduce any potential penalties.

Defining Disorderly Conduct

A disorderly conduct charge can be defined as when a person intentionally or recklessly annoys, alarms, or causes inconvenience to another person or recklessly creates a risk that they will annoy, alarm, or cause inconvenience to another person.

The reason why disorderly conduct is the one of most frequently charged crimes is because it is such a broadly interpreted statute. The definition of annoy, alarm or inconvenience can be very broadly interpreted by police, prosecutors, and judges. The prohibited conduct includes making unreasonable noise, disturbing any lawful assembly or meeting of people, obstructing traffic, congregating in public and refusing to leave, being a peeping tom and looking into someone’s home, or causing someone alarm or fear. All of these elements are completely subjective, making for a complex criminal case. Loud arguments can get a person arrested for disturbing the peace, even in their own home.

The penalties for this crime are up to 3 months in jail, probation, and $500 fine. However, a Greenwich lawyer can assist an individual in having the disorderly conduct charges either reduced or dismissed. There are many ways to challenge that sentence in Stamford Superior Court, where all of these types of charges are brought.

Defense Strategies for Disturbing the Peace

A Greenwich attorney can aid an individual in defending their particular disorderly conduct charge. There is a motion called a suspension of prosecution where someone arrested for disorderly conduct can make a motion to the court to suspend the prosecution of the case and seek admission into the accelerated rehabilitation program. This is known as the AR program, and it is a diversionary program where a judge suspends the prosecution of the disorderly conduct arrest.

The judge will then set a dismissal date, so long as the person complies with certain conditions. This may be an appropriate resolution of someone’s case. However, this can vary depending on the particular elements of the case. A lawyer can best assist the accused person in determining if the AR program is right for them.

Benefits of a Greenwich Disorderly Conduct Attorney

A charge of disorderly conduct is often much more complex than an individual may initially assume, cementing the need for a seasoned Greenwich disorderly conduct lawyer. An attorney will know more than anyone else about the various strategies and methods for resolving someone’s case, rather than taking a guilty plea that the prosecutors may sometimes want. No matter the appeal of the plea at hand, there are always other ways to resolve the case that can result in the dismissal of the charge.

By pleading guilty or by having it on your record for up to two years, you could risk problems with employment background checks, insurance applications, and other professional and community service admissions. To ensure that you are properly represented against your disturbing the peace charge, be sure to contact a local attorney as soon as possible.

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