Interfering with 911 Call in Greenwich Lawyer

An interfering with a 911 call in Greenwich lawyer could help protect your record and your rights if you are facing charges of interfering with an emergency call.

What is Interfering with an Emergency Call?

Interfering with an emergency call is prohibited by Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-183b. The statute specifies that an individual will be found guilty of a Class A misdemeanor if they prevent or hinder someone from placing a 911 call or call “to any law enforcement agency” to seek protection or to report a crime.

An individual may violate the statute through purely verbal conduct as well as physical conduct. The conduct must be committed with the deliberate intent to prevent someone from making or completing the call. Accidental interference would not constitute a violation, so an interfering with 911 call in Greenwich lawyer may be able to show that you did not act with the requisite intent.

How Seriously do Greenwich Police take Interfering with an Emergency Call?

Connecticut has many criminal laws on the books, and some of them are prosecuted more vigorously than others. Unfortunately for those facing charges of interfering with an emergency call, both police and prosecutors take this offense extremely seriously.

Calls to 911 are viewed as a lifeline for those who fear they are in danger. Officials want to be seen as taking actions to protect the vulnerable, so any attempt to prevent someone from reaching the police can be prosecuted strongly to set an example. It is wise to work with a Greenwich interfering with 911 call attorney who can fight the charges with a solid defensive strategy and protect the rights of the accused.

Oftentimes, interfering with a 911 call is charged alongside other serious crimes, like in situations of domestic violence.

What are the Penalties for Interfering with a 911 Call?

Deliberately interfering with efforts to place a 911 call is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine as high as $2,000.

In many cases, however, the really painful consequences come from having a criminal conviction on the record. Anyone who conducts a background check can see evidence of the conviction, which might make them think twice about lending money, offering a job, or extending other opportunities.

Work with a Greenwich Interfering with a 911 Call Attorney

If you were charged with any crime in Connecticut, it is important to understand how to protect your rights. Otherwise, you may be at a serious disadvantage in court.

When you work with a Greenwich interfering with a 911 call lawyer, your attorney can provide advice and representation to help you avoid common mistakes and work toward a positive outcome. For more information about the advantages an experienced defense attorney can provide in your situation, check out what our clients have to say about working with us at and call Mark Sherman Law today.

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