Greenwich Risk of Injury to a Minor Arrest

Domestic violence cases can be difficult to manage on your own. In addition to the legal consequences, domestic violence arrests involve serious stress and disruption to the family life. After a Greenwich risk of injury to a minor arrest, you should contact a top risk of injury to a minor defense attorney to discuss your case and build an optimum defense.

Child Abuse in Greenwich, Connecticut

Connecticut has no charge called child abuse. Any alleged child abuse falls under risk of injury to a minor or assault. Experienced Greenwich defense lawyers often see the charge of risk of injury to a minor, sometimes accompanied by either disorderly conduct or assault.

Leaving a Child in a Car

Connecticut has a statute specifically for cases in which children are left in vehicles. This scenario is the misdemeanor crime of leaving a child unsupervised in a car. However, top defense lawyers in Connecticut often see police officers “overcharge” this conduct and arrest parents for felony risk of injury to a minor.

Common Scenarios Leading to Arrests

The risk of injury statute is very broad, so there are multiple scenarios that can lead to such a charge. Some serious examples include assault or sexual assault on a person under the age of 16. More commonly, a risk of injury charge occurs in a domestic violence situation, when parents are fighting and a child is present in the room or nearby. If the child is close to the area of danger or close enough to hear a heated verbal argument or profanity, Greenwich Police might add the risk of injury to a minor onto the list of domestic violence charges.

Immediate Arrest for Risk of Injury to a Minor

A person could be arrested immediately if police respond to a dispute, a child left in a car, or a potential child abuse scenario. In these cases, an arrest could occur right away by giving the person a summons or taking them to the Greenwich Police station. If the police have probable cause at the scene of the alleged incident, a Greenwich risk of injury to a minor arrest is likely to happen immediately.

If the charge is related to a domestic violence incident, then the person likely would be required to leave the home, at least temporarily. In other cases where there is suspected child abuse, the court might also require that the person leave the home or have no contact with a child.

What is a Guardian ad Litem in a Greenwich Risk of Injury Case?

A Guardian ad Litem is a person certified by Connecticut to be a voice for the best interests of the minor children involved. If the child is old enough to convey what they think, the Guardian ad Litem would sit down with the child, explain what is happening, and ask the child for their opinion. If the child is non-verbal, the Guardian ad Litem will examine the situation, including:

  • The nature of the allegations
  • Family history
  • The child’s living conditions

Based on this information, the Guardian ad Litem will advise the court from the child’s perspective. In any case of suspected child abuse or neglect, the court must appoint a Guardian ad Litem upon the motion of an experienced Greenwich defense attorney.

Call a Lawyer After a Greenwich Risk of Injury to a Minor Arrest

Because the risk of injury statute is so broad, a top domestic violence lawyer in Greenwich will determine whether there was any actual risk of injury to the minor, either physical or non-physical. In some cases, the risk of injury charge is added on when it shouldn’t be, so the defense lawyer will attempt to negotiate with the prosecutor. Otherwise, the defense lawyer will typically give advice regarding how to remedy the situation. For example, they might recommend anger management or parental counseling, depending on the situation. They also might arrange a meeting with a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, if drugs and alcohol may have been involved, to help show the court that the person is not going to be a threat in the future.

If you face allegations of domestic violence, you should contact a veteran domestic violence defense lawyer. The actions you take following a Greenwich risk of injury to a minor arrest could have a serious impact on your future, which is why you should contact an attorney without delay.

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