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Sex crimes charges are treated with the utmost seriousness in Greenwich. The charges come with harsh penalties that can have life-changing effects. An individual charged with a sex crime faces the possibility of incarceration, as well as having to register for the sex offender registry. Furthermore, these charges carry a societal stigma that can tarnish your reputation, and even impact your ability to find employment, and housing, which is why if you face charges, you should get in touch with a skilled attorney. Contact a Greenwich sex crimes lawyer who can devote the resources and time necessary to build your case.

Intimidating Aspects of a Sex Crimes Case

One of the elements that can be intimidating is the issue of consent; that ends up being the issue in a lot of the defenses here where one person is saying it was consensual and one person is saying that it was not. Those are the cases one sees more often than not.

The reason this can be intimidating for the defense is because it could come down to the credibility of the person being charged versus the person making the complaint. If a jury wants to believe the person making the complaint versus the person being charged, they can get convicted.

Also, another thing that makes them intimidating is there is often a lot of scientific evidence. There could be DNA evidence, fingerprint evidence, and things like that. Often, the defense of sex crimes cases by a seasoned attorney requires scientific experts to testify or consult with about the case, which can add information for the Greenwich jury to consider.

Investigation of Sex Crimes

According to dedicated attorneys, the investigation in Greenwich sex crime cases usually is quite thorough. A lot of times, for other crimes like a hit and run or a DUI, there is an arrest right on the spot or an on-site arrest.  But, these investigations in sex crimes cases often start with a person going to the police station and making a report. Or perhaps the accuser will go to the hospital for the administration of a rape kit and a report gets made that way and then the officers will end up talking to that person, taking a statement, looking in to see whether there are any other witnesses, and oftentimes they even have an interview with the suspect or the person that might potentially be charged. Law enforcement does a lot more legwork and speaks with the prosecutor and, most often, in these cases, the arrest is made by a warrant and not onsite.

Facing Strict Penalties

Generally speaking, it depends on the specific degree charged, but typically, one is always going to face a possible period of jail time as well as periods of probation and fines. A lot of the convictions for any sex crimes in Connecticut will come with mandatory registration as a sex offender and they could be put on sex offender probation. That is taken more seriously than probation for other crimes that are not sex crimes.

A person definitely wants someone who has dealt with these kinds of cases before and is experienced who will be able to look at the report, see if there are any weaknesses in the complaint, and investigate any part of it that may be untrue.

An experienced Greenwich sex crimes attorney will be a little bit more poised about pointing out the inconsistencies. It is a tough position to call someone making that complaint a liar, but in cases where the person is innocent, it needs to be done and typically someone who has dealt with more of these cases will present better than those who are less experienced.

Building a Defense

The role of a Greenwich sex crimes attorney is to make sure to put on the best defense possible, being there every step of the way to ensure that the person’s rights are protected from the beginning when making a statement all the way through the disposition of the case, making sure that every claim is investigated and any weaknesses in the allegations are pointed out throughout the entire process.

In sex crime cases, trust between the attorney and the defendant is probably more valuable than in most other cases. Again, an individual is dealing with such a sensitive issue and  needs to feel comfortable talking to the attorney, letting them know what the truth is, and being able to go over the allegations without being embarrassed or not wanting to divulge information that could potentially be helpful to the defense.

An individual would definitely want someone who has defended someone from sex crimes charges before and, has worked specifically with the Greenwich police department and the prosecutors in Stamford before on these cases. They would want the person to be familiar with the process, with the people and someone that has knowledge of DNA and any fingerprint or other scientific evidence that comes along with it that ends up being a big part of the defense these days so an individual would want someone who is experienced in those areas as well.

Contact a Greenwich Sex Crimes Attorney

An attorney might be able to get involved before an arrest is even made. If the Greenwich police department do wish to speak with the suspect or the person potentially being charged with the sex crime, then they would probably reach out to them and see if they want to come in for a statement, and a lot of times that can actually be helpful especially if there are issues with the allegations.

A Greenwich sex crimes lawyer will be able to make a motion to preserve any evidence. In some cases, there are phone records that could show that the intercourse was consensual. In other cases, there is medical or DNA evidence and, if that is not preserved, it could be overwritten and no longer available in the future, so that is important as well.  Sex crimes, come with a lot of social stigmas as well as harsh criminal penalties, which is why it is important to retain the services of an experienced attorney who can give you best defense possible. Contact our office today to learn more.

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