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If your child is facing criminal charges for sexting, retaining a Greenwich sexting lawyer to help with their case defense could be crucial to preserving their future prospects. Even a juvenile court adjudication for a minor with no prior record could have significant consequences, so you should not try to fight this type of case without assistance from an experienced sex crimes defense attorney.

When Is Sexting a Criminal Offense?

Possession or distribution of sexually explicit visual depictions of minors is illegal no matter the age of the defendant, but Connecticut state law differentiates between adults possessing child pornography and minors sexting with each other. Both are crimes of different degrees.

What are the Laws Prohibiting Minors from Sexting?

Specifically, Connecticut General Statutes §53a-196h makes it a distinct criminal offense for a minor under 16 to knowingly send a sexually explicit depiction of themselves to another minor under 18, or for a minor under 18 to knowingly possess a sexually explicit depiction of a minor under 16 sent to them by the depicted minor. To learn more about the much more serious crime of adult possession of child pornography, click here.

Can I Go To Jail As a Minor Possessing Illicit Photos?

Yes. A violation of C.G.S. §53a-196h is only a class A misdemeanor. However, since this offense only applies to individuals under the age of 18, cases for sexting charges almost always proceed through juvenile court rather than adult criminal court, meaning that penalties upon adjudication of guilt—the juvenile court equivalent of a conviction—generally stop at fines and probation rather than potential jail time.

A juvenile court adjudication can still significantly limit a minor’s personal, educational, and professional opportunities, not to mention subsequent offenses could result in harsher consequences that may even include confinement in a juvenile detention center. A Greenwich sexting attorney could provide irreplaceable advice and legal support for anyone dealing with this type of allegation.

How Can I Fight Sexting Allegations in Greenwich?

Notably, since underage sexting is technically a child pornography offense, the affirmative defenses to adult child pornography possession charges outlined in C.G.S. §53a-196g also apply to charges filed under C.G.S. §53a-196h. Generally, this is only relevant if a minor facing charges for sexting did not knowingly send or receive the illicit images in question, immediately deleted or destroyed the images when they became aware of them, and reported the matter to law enforcement as soon as possible.

However, if this affirmative defense could help mitigate the risk of adjudication in juvenile court, a sexting lawyer in Greenwich may be able to factor it into a comprehensive defense strategy. Representation from experienced legal counsel could still be a huge help when it comes to ensuring that a single mistake does not unduly impact a minor’s future.

Seek Help from a Greenwich Sexting Attorney

A compassionate Greenwich sexting defense lawyer could work on your and your child’s behalf to seek a fair and positive resolution to this type of case. Read up on what it’s like to work with our lawyers on and give us a call today to begin building your defense.

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