Mohegan Sun Casino Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

Anyone who commits a criminal offense while at the Mohegan Sun Casino may be detained and arrested by Mohegan Tribal Police, but they will be prosecuted for their offense by the Connecticut criminal court system, thanks to the close relationship between the state and the tribal police. That said, dealing with allegations of Disorderly Conduct stemming from a casino visit can still be uniquely complicated as compared to an offense that happened within Connecticut’s borders. If you have found yourself facing this kind of charge, reaching out to a Mohegan Sun Casino Disorderly Conduct lawyer should be your top priority.

What Counts as Disorderly Conduct at the Mohegan Sun?

While the Mohegan Sun Casino is under the jurisdiction of the Mohegan tribe and not the state of Connecticut, the Mohegan tribal police generally enforce the laws of Connecticut for its visitors share a great deal of reciprocity with state troopers and local Connecticut police. With that in mind, the definition of “Disorderly Conduct” provided under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-182 applies equally to visitors at the Mohegan Sun as it does to people within the state of Connecticut.

This means anyone who engages in any of the following actions with the intent to cause inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm, or who recklessly creates a risk thereof on casino property may face criminal prosecution under the statute above:

  • Annoys or interferes with someone else through “offensive or disorderly conduct;”
  • Gets into a physical fight with someone else or otherwise engages in “violent, tumultuous, or threatening behavior;”
  • Makes unreasonable noise, including while inside a rented hotel room;
  • Disturbs a lawful assembly or meeting without legal authority to do so;
  • Fails to comply with a “reasonable official request” from a police officer to disperse from a congregation of people in a public place;
  • Obstructs pedestrian or vehicular traffic; and/or
  • Trespasses on private property and observes someone without their consent who is inside a dwelling, is not in plain sight, and has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Since this offense is considered a Class C misdemeanor, a person convicted of Disorderly Conduct at the Mohegan Sun Casino may face maximum criminal penalties upon conviction of up to three months in jail and $500 in fines, as a qualified defense attorney could further explain.

Disorderly Conduct as a Domestic Violence Offense

Regardless of what type of Disorderly Conduct they engage in and where they physically are at the time of the offense, someone who displays any of the behaviors listed above in a way that targets a family or household member of theirs may have their ensuing criminal charge labeled as “family violence.” In a notable departure from how some other states approach offenses of this nature, committing a “family violence” offense in Connecticut—or, in this case, at the Mohegan Sun Casino—does not allow a court to impose enhanced sanctions upon a convicted defendant beyond those already allowed for the base offense.

What it does do, though, is dramatically speed up the early stages of the prosecutorial process, often to the point that a defendant will be arraigned and have a protective order imposed against them the very next morning after their arrest. Domestic violence offenders may also be subject to investigation by and further sanctions from the Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) if their alleged actions indicate that they might pose a threat to minor children in their household.

Trust in a Mohegan Sun Casino Disorderly Conduct Attorney

Disorderly Conduct allegations can have a deceptively substantial impact on your personal and professional prospects, especially if they are classified as a form of domestic violence. Fortunately, you have help available when it comes to building and executing a strong defense strategy from legal professionals who have handled cases like yours—including ones that involve Mohegan tribal land—successfully in the past. Call the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today to discuss your options with a Mohegan Sun Casino Disorderly Conduct lawyer, and click here to view our Avvo profile with over 300 certified reviews.

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