New Canaan Domestic Violence Lawyer

Getting arrested in New Canaan and facing domestic violence charges can be a harrowing experience for anyone. You may feel confused, scared, and nervous about how the future will play out. Further, you may be wondering the exact nature of your charges, any possible defense strategies to your arrest, what a conviction would mean, and how this will impact your family life and relationships.

If you have been arrested for domestic violence charges in Connecticut, such as disorderly conduct or risk of injury to a minor, then you can get the answers to these questions and start working toward the best outcome possible in your case by contacting a New Canaan domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible.

Types of Domestic Violence Arrests

In the State of Connecticut, there are a variety of ways in which a person can be arrested for domestic violence, ranging from low-level misdemeanors to higher-level felonies. A New Canaan domestic violence attorney will have experience defending a wide variety of domestic violence charges, including:

What Are The Penalties Of a Domestic Violence Offense?

Prosecutors and law enforcement often pursue disorderly conduct charges quickly and aggressively in Connecticut because of how broadly the statute is written. Although disorderly conduct is a class C misdemeanor, a conviction will go on a person’s permanent record and cause issues in obtaining employment, education, loans, and more.

Where Are Domestic Violence Cases Heard in New Canaan?

If an individual has been arrested for domestic violence in New Canaan, they will be summoned to the Norwalk Superior Court the morning of the next business day for their first court appearance. The fact that these charges are prosecuted so quickly reveals the seriousness with which the city of New Canaan Police and Norwalk prosecutors takes such crimes, making the need for a New Canaan domestic violence attorney all the more necessary.

Benefits of a New Canaan Domestic Violence Attorney?

The New Canaan Police Department notes that although the town has a very low crime rate, the number of domestic violence crimes has remained constant for many years, making it the most prevalent violent crime in the area.

This means that it is very likely that prosecutors and law enforcement will pursue domestic violence cases in New Canaan quickly and aggressively. Anyone arrested in New Canaan with domestic violence, therefore, must take these charges seriously and contact a skilled domestic violence attorney in New Canaan as soon as possible.

In seeking a domestic violence attorney, it is important for a person to not only look for someone who is experienced in domestic violence cases, but they should also be experienced in navigating Connecticut court systems.

Domestic violence lawyers can assist their clients in a variety of important ways. They can use their experience in other, similar cases and apply it creatively to any given case they are faced with. This experience gives attorneys the upper hand in understanding Connecticut domestic violence law and how a case can be tailored to fit a certain court or judge’s requirements.

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