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What Constitutes Disorderly Conduct in New Canaan?

Disorderly conduct’s legal definition in New Canaan is codified in Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-182. According to this statute, the offense of “disorderly conduct” may entail any of the following behaviors, if they are intended to cause “inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm”:

  • Getting into a fight in public
  • Not leaving a public place when ordered to do so by an officer of the law
  • Disturbing or interfering with a legal public assembly
  • Blocking roadway or sidewalk traffic
  • Being unreasonably loud or disruptive
  • Spying on someone without their knowledge, while on that person’s property without their permission

Most importantly, however, C.G.S. §53a-182(2) defines disorderly conduct as any “offensive” action whatsoever that a law enforcement officer considers to be annoying or interfering. Accordingly, disorderly conduct arrests can occur based on just about anything that bothers a police officer—which, depending on the circumstances, could be something that in no way logically warrants criminal prosecution.

Regardless of the rationale or circumstances under which someone is arrested in New Canaan for disorderly conduct, representation from a skilled defense attorney can make all the difference in their case. By presenting exculpatory evidence and contesting the testimony of the arresting officer, skilled legal counsel may be able to significantly mitigate a defendant’s odds of conviction for this offense.

What Happens Following a Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct Arrest?

In order to be classified as domestic violence, an alleged instance of disorderly conduct must have involved the spouse, children, direct family members, or housemate(s) of the arrested party. If you are arrested for domestic violence disorderly conduct, you are usually required to attend an initial court hearing on the next business day.

At this first hearing, the court will almost always reinforce the temporary protective order served by the arresting police officer and extend it until the arraignment hearing to follow. During arraignment, a Superior Court judge may institute one of three types of protective/restraining orders:

  • Partial restraining order – you can stay in your residence but must not harass the alleged victim or be disorderly in any other way
  • Full residential stay-away order – you can contact your alleged victim but must move out temporarily if you share a residence
  • Full no contact order – you cannot contact their alleged victim in any way

Given the speed with which these hearings occur, it is crucial that people arrested for this variant of disorderly conduct hire a skilled attorney in New Canaan as soon as possible. Going into these hearings unrepresented could spell disaster for a defendant, even if they ultimately did nothing illegal.

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