New Canaan Sex Crimes Lawyer

If you have been accused of committing a sex-related criminal offense, you should speak to a knowledgeable criminal attorney who could help ensure your rights are respected and enforced throughout the legal process. Retaining a seasoned New Canaan sex crimes lawyer could wind up making the difference between a favorable case resolution and facing immense consequences upon conviction, potentially including years in prison.

What is The Difference Between Violent Versus Nonviolent Sex Offenses?

Nonviolent sex offenses are generally classified less severe than their violent counterparts and expose you to lower possible sentences. However, don’t be lulled into a sense of safety, even nonviolent sex offenses are prosecuted seriously and can land you in jail, on the sex offender registry, and with a tainted reputation.

What Are Some of the Penalties for Sex Offenses?

Engaging in sexual intercourse with an adult who materially cannot consent to sex, an offense not based on violence, could be considered class C felony sexual assault in the second degree under Connecticut General Statutes §53a-71. Sexual intercourse that is compelled via force would be class B felony first-degree sexual assault as per C.G.S. §53a-70. Class C felonies carry the risk of 10 years in prison, whereas class B felonies carry the potential for up to 20 years.

Fourth- and third-degree sexual assault—C.G.S. §§53a-73a and 53a-72a, respectively—are differentiated along the same lines, with the only significant difference being that both these offenses only involve sexual contact and are therefore not punished as severely. Sexual contact is a lower level to meet than sexual intercourse, it does not involve any penetration.

It is important to note that any sex-related criminal violent offense—violent or nonviolent—can result in enhanced consequences upon conviction if the alleged victim was a minor. A New Canaan sex crimes attorney could explain in detail how various aggravating factors may impact the outcome of a particular case.

Are There Any Defenses to Sex Crime Allegations?

Yes. Everyone deserves a defense, and especially in sex crime cases, there are some common defense routes you can take. Oftentimes, there are no witnesses to sex assault, which makes it your word against the alleged victim’s. A skilled attorney could find out the specifics of your case and help you craft a defense based on consent of the alleged victim, develop your alibi if you were falsely accused, and otherwise help mitigate consequences. Building a strong defense early is important because if the alleged victim is a family or household member and your case is qualified as domestic violence, you will likely face a protective order that can imminently affect your life. Further, a defense in a criminal case can also be helpful in any accompanying DCF investigation you may face for the allegations.

Consider Working with a New Canaan Sex Crimes Attorney

There is no way to guarantee a positive resolution to this kind of case, but hiring an experienced New Canaan sex crimes lawyer could dramatically improve your odds of a favorable outcome. Click here to read about our experience in helping out clients facing charges all over the state of Connecticut. Call today to start building a carefully thought out, strong defense.

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