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Sextortion, or distributing or threatening to distribute someone else’s sexually explicit images of themselves is a serious criminal offense in the Constitution State.

A knowledgeable defense attorney could make sure you are aware of all your legal options and tirelessly work on your behalf to protect your best interests.

Can I Face Charges for Disseminating Sexual Images?

Other states refer to the act of unlawfully disseminating intimate images as “revenge porn,” but in Connecticut this is one of two distinct offenses that may be involved in a “sextortion” case. Simply put, a person commits a crime under Connecticut General Statutes §53a-189c when all the following are true:

  • They distribute, publish, or disseminate in any way a photo, video, or electronic image depicting a clearly identifiable individual engaged in sexually suggestive or explicit conduct
  • The depicted individual did not consent to the material in question being disseminated
  • The depicted individual had a reasonable expectation that the material in question would remain private, and was not in a public place or engaging in voluntary exposure at the time the material was created
  • The depicted individual suffered some form of harm as a direct consequence of the material being published
  • Distribution of the material in question did not serve the public interest in any way

This offense is a class A misdemeanor, meaning someone convicted under this statute could wind up facing a one-year jail sentence and a $2,000 fine at most. A New Canaan sextortion lawyer could provide crucial assistance with understanding and effectively combatting charges filed under this section of state law.

Is Sextortion a Felony Offense?

The act of disseminating private material that depicts someone else’s sexual conduct may become a felony offense if the perpetrator threatens to distribute the material unless the depicted person pays them money, gives them something of value, or provides some kind of service for them. According to C.G.S. §53a-122, this act would constitute larceny by extortion if it results in any good or service actually changing hands, regardless of whether the perpetrator ever actually releases the material in question.

Any act of larceny committed via extortion is automatically larceny in the first degree no matter the amount of monetary value involved, which means “sextortion” prosecuted under this statute is a class B felony that could lead to anywhere from one year in prison to twenty upon conviction, as well as a maximum $15,000 fine. Representation from a skilled sextortion lawyer could be especially crucial for anyone facing accusations of this particular act in New Canaan.

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Sextortion allegations can turn your entire life upside-down even if they do not ultimately lead to a conviction.

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