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In recent years, sexual assault offenses have become especially vilified by the general public, leading many law enforcement agencies to start prosecuting them more harshly than they once did.

If you are facing sexual assault charges of any type, retaining the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney should be high on your list of priorities. Once hired, a New Canaan sexual assault lawyer could explain the particular state statutes that apply to your case and help you construct a comprehensive defense strategy based on your unique circumstances.

How Does State Law Classify Sexual Assault Offenses?

Connecticut state law defines four different degrees of sexual assault—as well as four additional sexual assault offenses characterized by specific aggravating factors. The specific definitions can be found in Connecticut General Statutes §§53a-70 through 53a-73a. With the exception of fourth-degree sexual assault against someone 16 years of age or older, all sexual assault offenses in Connecticut are classified as felonies.

If the victim is under 16 years old, all forms of sexual assault will be punished more severely. For example, C.G.S. §53a-71 defines sexual assault in the second degree as having intercourse with someone either who cannot consent or who doesn’t consent. It is a class C felony generally, however if the victim is under 16 it bumps up to a class B felony exposing you to a much longer jail sentence, and much more expensive fines.

In addition to sex assault, there are also other sex crimes, like harassment. To learn more about these crimes, click here.

Will I Go to Jail for Sexual Assault?

Depending on the circumstances, sexual assault convictions can result in sentences ranging from a maximum of one year in jail for class A misdemeanor fourth-degree sexual assault, to a minimum of 25 years in prison for class A felony aggravated sexual assault of a minor. An experienced New Canaan sexual assault attorney could help an individual accused of any kind of sex-related offense tailor a defense strategy to their unique situation.

Perhaps more stigmatizing is having to register as a sex offender. Follow this link to learn more about the Connecticut sex offender registry

Can I Contest a Sexual Assault Allegation?

While law enforcement sometimes makes arrests based on sexual assault allegations at the scene of an alleged offense, it is much more common for an arrest to occur following a police investigation into the alleged victim’s accusations. Police will interview the victim and the alleged attacker, get information from acquaintances and friends, look at phone records, and if available test rape kits from the hospital.

Any top New Canaan sex assault lawyer would advise you to only speak to police with your lawyer present. Innocent comments can be turned against you, and the police are trained in interrogation tactics to get you to confess. Keeping your communications forthcoming but also protective of your rights can set you up for a much higher likelihood of contesting the allegations.

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Being charged with sexual assault does not necessarily guarantee a conviction, and knowledgeable legal counsel could do a lot to help protect your best interests. Work with a New Canaan sexual assault lawyer to get started building your defense. Head over to to learn more from our 5-star certified client reviews.

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