New Canaan Sexual Assault Investigations

Being accused of sexual assault can bring your whole life to a halt as you deal with the allegations against you and their personal and professional ramifications New Canaan sexual assault investigations can be difficult to manage by yourself, but guidance from a seasoned legal representative could both help you protect your legal rights and ensure you do not do anything to accidentally impede your defense strategy.

What is Sexual Assault?

There are many sex crimes in the Connecticut criminal code. Sexual assault, formerly known as rape, is divided into four degrees. The severity increases from fourth up to first degree. Further, there are aggravating factors that can increase the severity of sex assault penalties. To learn what to do after an arrest, click here.

What Evidence Is Needed in a Sexual Assault Case?

Accusations of sexual assault are often made after the incident is claimed to have happened. The police will then investigate the allegations before making an arrest. If you believe that you are being investigated for sex assault, a lawyer can help even before any arrest is made. Helping the police see the whole picture, getting them evidence showing that you did not commit this crime, and knowing when and how to communicate with police can help resolve your case before it ever materializes.

If the police decide to make an arrest, the prosecutor’s office will need evidence to prosecute you. To learn more about the specific kinds of evidence, click here. Most often evidence comes in the form of testimony, phone records, and perhaps forensic evidence from rape kits.

What Rights and Options Do I Have If I Am Under Investigation?

If you are under investigation or being prosecuted for sexual assault, you have a number of rights. Most importantly are your rights to remain silent and to legal representation. A misplaced joke or ambiguous statement could later be used against you if you are not careful.

Accordingly, one of the biggest mistakes defendants in these kinds of cases make is inadvertently incriminating themselves by talking too much without a lawyer present. Even while an investigation is still ongoing, it is always critical for any target of that investigation to say as little as possible about their case unless they review their statement with their attorney first. To read more about the benefits of defense counsel, click here.

Talk to a New Canaan Attorney About What Sexual Assault Investigations Entail

Instead of trying to handle a New Canaan sexual assault investigation yourself, consider working with an experienced attorney. You can read reviews from hundreds of satisfied clients by following this link to To learn more about how a qualified sexual assault attorney could help you fight your case, call today.

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