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Whenever a “sugar daddy” agrees to pay a “sugar baby” to be in an intimate relationship with them, there is an inherent risk that they might eventually become dissatisfied with the relationship and want to get out of it. Unfortunately, even the slightest resistance from the “sugar baby” in this scenario can lead to an allegation of criminal extortion being made against them. This is an extremely serious criminal offense in Connecticut that can lead to years of imprisonment even for a first-time offender, so anyone facing an accusation of this nature should make it a priority to contact and hire a seasoned New Haven “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer.

Defining “Sugar Daddy” Extortion as a Criminal Offense

According to subsection (5) of Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-119, someone commits “Extortion” by compelling, inducing, or otherwise forcing someone else to give them money or property by making the targeted person fear that they will be harmed in some way if they fail to surrender that property. This section of the Penal Code goes on to explicitly state that “harm” in this context includes not just physical injury but also property damage, reputational injury, harm to someone’s business or career prospects, and “expos[ing] a secret or publiciz[ing] an asserted fact” that would cause public embarrassment or contempt.

This last form of Extortion is especially relevant to cases involving alleged Extortion of a “sugar daddy” since many such accusations arise from a “sugar baby” allegedly threatening to reveal the nature of their relationship to immediate family members or the public at large. It is worth emphasizing that the “sugar baby” does not necessarily need to make good on their threat for it to qualify as Extortion, so long as the threat directly results in the targeted person giving them money or something else valuable that they otherwise would not have provided.

As per C.G.S. § 53a-122, committing “Larceny by Extortion” is always Class B felony Larceny in the First Degree, so a conviction for this offense carries maximum sanctions of up to 20 years behind bars plus $15,000 in fines. Needless to say, charges with stakes this high warrant representation from a New Haven attorney who knows through past experience how to handle “sugar daddy” extortion charges effectively.

Can a “Sugar Daddy” Sue Their “Sugar Baby” Over Extortion?

Legal counsel can also play a key role in handling civil litigation based on an allegation of “sugar daddy” extortion. While this is not something that will be relevant to every case of this nature, a “sugar daddy” who suffers financial, emotional, and/or reputational harm as a result of an Extortion scheme perpetrated by their “sugar baby” may have grounds to file suit over the damages they suffered as a result of that scheme.

Importantly, this sort of claim would proceed entirely separately from any criminal proceedings. As a qualified lawyer can explain, this means someone who is not convicted of criminal wrongdoing—or even charged with a crime at all—may still be held civilly liable for harming their “sugar daddy” in this way.

Consider Working With a New Haven “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Attorney

No matter how your relationship with a “sugar daddy” began, any contention from that “sugar daddy” that you criminally extorted them into giving you anything of value could quickly result in you facing felony charges that could alter the entire course of your life if they end in a conviction. Assistance from a legal professional who has handled cases like this successfully in the past is essential to achieving a favorable result in court.

Fortunately, you have access to that kind of help from an experienced New Haven “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer. Call the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today to schedule a confidential consultation, and click here to view what other clients have said about relying on our team.

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