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Stalking arrests are no longer for celebrities and their crazy fans. With the availability of GPS devices and private investigator services, Norwalk police are finding it easier to make arrests for stalking, especially in domestic violence / intimate partner scenarios.

It is even possible for an individual to be held liable for actions committed by a third person—like a private investigator—if law enforcement officials believe that person is acting under your direction.

After a stalking charge, it is crucial to ensure that subsequent behavior does not add to the offense and increase the potential penalties. A Norwalk stalking lawyer could help individuals avoid those mistakes and help collect and preserve evidence to build the best possible defense. Those who have been charged should consult a skilled harassment lawyer that could fight for a positive outcome for you.

Stalking Laws

Compared with other crimes, stalking is a recent addition to the criminal code and terms have been redefined to account for changes in electronic communications technology.

Stalking used to only involve one person following another or making harassing phone calls. Now text messages and email are included, as well as obsessive tracking via GPS.

While most crimes are made up of a single act, stalking arrests typically require a pattern of repeated behavior, referred to as a course of conduct. As a knowledgeable Norwalk attorney could explain, the circumstances involved dictate whether the stalking arrest is treated as first-degree, second-degree, third-degree or electronic stalking.

What is Electronic Stalking?

The stalking crimes in Norwalk with the least severe penalties are electronic stalking (CGS § 53a-181f) and stalking in the third-degree (CGS § 53a-181e).

Electronic stalking occurs when an individual uses a GPS or other electronic monitoring system repeatedly to track the location of another and causes that person to reasonably fear for their safety. Third-degree stalking takes place when an individual causes that same fear of physical harm by physically following or waiting for another willfully and repeatedly.

As Norwalk stalking attorneys know, these offenses are both treated as Class B misdemeanors with a maximum term of imprisonment of six months and a maximum fine of $1,000.

Fighting Stalking Arrests

Both first and second-degree stalking involves a course of conduct by which an individual intends to place another person in fear of physical harm. The statutes define a course of conduct where an individual takes the following actions with respect to another:

  • Watching
  • Threatening
  • Harassing
  • Communicating with
  • Sending unwanted presents
  • Interfering with another’s property

The actions must be undertaken two or more times to constitute a course of conduct.

An individual may be convicted of stalking in the first degree if the conditions for second-degree stalking are present and the individual either has a prior conviction for stalking, has taken actions violating a court order or if the person fearing for personal safety as a result of the stalking is under the age of 16. If you are facing stalking allegations, enlisting the help of a competent attorney in Norwalk who has experience handling these types of cases is important to preserving your future.

Contact a Norwalk Stalking Attorney for Help Building a Defense

Second-degree stalking is a Class A misdemeanor, which means the maximum penalties include up to one year of imprisonment and a fine of up to $2,000. Stalking in the first-degree is a Class D felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine as high as $5,000.

It can be a daunting prospect to fight stalking charges in Norwalk because the statutes can be applied to so many situations. If you have been arrested for stalking, the sooner you contact a Norwalk stalking lawyer, the sooner your attorney can begin working with you to try and achieve the best possible resolution of your case. Contact our firm now to get started.

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