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When family members disagree, tempers can flare and it can often become heated. If the Ridgefield, Connecticut police are called to your home for any reason, then there is a chance that an arrest will be made, even if no one in the home wants to press charges.

The process after a domestic violence assault charge is stressful and challenging for all those involved, so it is important to seek the help of Ridgefield assault lawyers experienced in defending against assault in the third-degree arrests. A skilled Ridgefield, Connecticut defense attorney can help you in your case.

Domestic Assault Arrests

Many people think that arrests are only made and charges are only filed if the alleged victim decides to press charges. However, this is not the case.

In any Ridgefield second or third-degree assault investigation, police can use their judgment at the scene and decide on their own to press charges, even when the individual has stated that they do not intend to. In cases that involve domestic assault of any kind, the police will typically err on the side of caution, make the arrest, and let the Danbury Criminal Court resolve the case.

After an arrest has been made, things move very quickly in domestic assault cases. It is crucial that someone consult with a Ridgefield assault attorney to discuss defense strategies.


In all Ridgefield, Connecticut domestic violence assault cases, an arraignment will be held the morning of the next business day at the Danbury Superior Court. During their first court hearing following a Ridgefield disorderly conduct or assault arrest, the court will face a rushed and intense protective order hearing.

Before the arraignment, the accused will also be interviewed by a family relations officer. This interview will include questions including a history of mental health, prior drug and alcohol use, and any past incidents of domestic abuse or violence.

Protective Order Hearing

The same day an arraignment hearing is held, the accused will also appear in front of a judge for a protective/restraining order hearing, sometimes called a restraining order hearing. In Connecticut, there are three different types of these protective orders. The most severe are orders that force an accused out of their home and forbid any contact with the alleged victim and the rest of the family. This is called a “Full No Contact” protective order and can be issued in connection with a Ridgefield, Connecticut arrest.

The least severe protective order called a “partial” order will allow the accused to enter the home of the alleged victim, and will allow them to have contact. It will forbid them from any further violent or threatening acts.

It is important to have the help of skilled assault attorneys in Ridgefield, Connecticut for this process. They can help the accused get the most lenient type of protective order, particularly in cases that involve minor charges.

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Domestic assault cases can be extremely emotional for the entire family. If children are in the home at the time of the incident, the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) will also likely show up and start their own investigation.

If you have been charged with domestic violence assault, contact a Ridgefield assault lawyer that can make sure your rights are protected, and help you through each step of your case.

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