Ridgefield First-Degree Assault Lawyer 

Getting arrested for assault in the first-degree is extremely serious, as it often carries mandatory minimum jail penalties. Ridgefield is a quiet town with little violent crime. But once in a while, a bar fight, school fight, or a domestic violence incident can take place where someone suffers serious physical injury and Ridgefield police must make an arrest for assault in the first-degree.

A Ridgefield first-degree assault lawyer will best understand how the laws apply to the facts of your case. Contact a qualified defense attorney who can provide advice and counsel, crafting the best defense strategy for your particular case.

Preserving Evidence in Assault Cases

Because the penalties are so severe, anyone arrested in Ridgefield for first-degree assault must take great care to preserve evidence and take steps to achieve the best possible outcome.

All arrests are immediately transferred to Danbury, Connecticut. A Ridgefield first-degree assault lawyer will need to quickly file motions with Danbury Superior Court to preserve video surveillance evidence that may help the client win their case.

Importance of State of Mind

Connecticut penal law describes different types of conduct that constitute first-degree assault.

One element that each category of First Degree Assault arrests in Ridgefield share is that they all require intentional or reckless conduct.

The Connecticut code describes five scenarios that will be considered first-degree assault. These situations are set forth in numbered subsections of the statute. According to the statute, an individual commits assault in the first degree in the following scenarios:

  • Causing serious physical injury to another intentionally with the use of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument
  • Causing permanent disfigurement, amputation or destruction of the body part of another intentionally
  • Taking dangerous action in a reckless manner that displays an extreme disregard for the life of others and causes serious physical injury to another
  • Causing serious physical injury to another with the assistance of two or more others
  • Causing injury intentionally by firing a gun

Potential Penalties for an Arrest

Connecticut penal law classifies first-degree assault as a Class B felony. This type of offense is among the most serious in the Connecticut criminal code. Those convicted face possible imprisonment for up to 20 years and fines of up to $15,000. Moreover, in many instances, the law specifies that a sentence may not be suspended or reduced beyond a certain point or sets forth a mandatory minimum sentence.

Additional statutory provisions are triggered when the person suffering harm from the assault fits into a certain category including those who are blind, mentally impaired, elderly, or pregnant.

If an assault causes termination of a pregnancy, the offense becomes a Class A felony punishable by a fine of up to $20,000 and a prison term of up to 25 years.

Contacting an Attorney

Every arrest in for assault is different, but over time, an experienced first-degree assault lawyer understands how courts have applied the laws to different sets of facts. This base of knowledge helps an attorney understand the best strategies to use depending on the circumstances. A Ridgefield first-degree assault lawyer can begin providing advice right away to help you work toward the optimum resolution of your case.

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