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Connecticut law takes domestic violence charges very seriously, as these laws are designed to protect people from dangerous domestic or family situations.  Domestic violence arrests in Ridgefield Connecticut can also directly result in the imposition of protective orders or restraining orders that can keep you out of your own home for months.

Although everyone charged with domestic violence is innocent until proven guilty, the laws do not tend to favor the accused, especially at the beginning of a Ridgefield Connecticut domestic violence arrests which report to Danbury Superior Court.  Judges can sometimes take a conservative approach to these situations – especially at initial protective order hearings and arraignments.

The most restrictive protective orders can severely limit the accused’s ability to contact and interact with spouses, children, and other family members. It is, therefore, essential that you have a top Ridgefield protective order attorney in your corner representing you at every stage of the proceedings, including at the initial protective order hearing and at subsequent hearings. To learn more or begin building a defense for your case, consult with a domestic violence attorney today.

Restraining Orders

The primary difference between a restraining order and a protective order is that a restraining order is a civil order. As such, it may be issued in Danbury Superior Court – Family Division without the accused ever being arrested or criminally charged. On the other hand, a judge issues a criminal protective order in Ridgefield following an arrest or an arraignment.

The main purpose of a protective order in Ridgefield, Connecticut is to protect people against violence, threats of violence, and intimidation.  Connecticut protective orders and restraining orders contain certain conditions which the accused must abide by, and compliance is typically made a condition of any bail or release following an arrest.


The three general types of Connecticut protective orders and restraining orders that protective order lawyers in Ridgefield deal with:

  1. Full No Contact Protective Orders forbidding any contact, whatsoever, with the protected person, including in-person, telephone, email and social media contact.
  2. Full/Residential Stay-Away Protective Orders allowing for verbal, physical, and electronic contact but no entry into the protected person’s home or place of employment.
  3. Partial/Limited Protective Orders allowing for physical, verbal, and electronic contact with the protected person, but no threats, intimidation, stalking, or harassment.  Protective orders typically remain in effect until the end of a criminal case.

In Connecticut, violating a criminal protective order in Ridgefield is a felony which is punishable by up to one year in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both.  (CGS § 53a – 110b)

Civil restraining orders, which are issued by the Danbury court – family division, allow someone to obtain relief from abuse/threats of abuse made by a family or household member.

Under Connecticut law, the court may enter an ex parte order, or an order entered by a judge without the consent of one or both of the parties, and without notice of a hearing, if there is an immediate and present risk of physical danger to someone.

A civil restraining order is ordinarily effective for six months from the date of the hearing. Violating a civil restraining order can also lead to a felony arrest which makes it imperative that a Ridgefield protective order attorney is contacted as soon as possible.

How An Attorney Can Help

An experienced Ridgefield protective order attorney is ready to represent you at your initial protective order hearing and defend you throughout your domestic violence case.  Domestic violence charges can have significant repercussions on your life and well-being—that’s why attorneys go for a quick dismissal.

In an area of law that is very much victim-centered, it is essential that you have an experienced lawyer in your corner every step of the way.  So if you are interested in learning more about how our firm can assist you with your domestic violence case, please contact us at any time via telephone or email.

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