Stamford Domestic Violence Arrests

Because of the complex nature of Stamford domestic violence arrests, the cases typically begin immediately. The law provides for a protective order to be entered with Family Relations Officer interviews. The day after someone’s arrest for family violence can have a huge impact on a person’s case. It is important to speak with a distinguished domestic violence attorney who can effectively try to help you through the process ahead of you.

What Can a Person Expect if They Have Been Accused of Domestic Violence in Connecticut?

When someone is arrested in Stamford for domestic violence, they are ordered to appear in court the next business day for their arraignment and restraining order hearing, also known as a criminal protective order. The restraining order can keep someone from returning home or having contact with their significant other or having contact with their children depending on the severity of the accusation. The accused will be interviewed by a Family Relations Officer and questioned about the events leading up to the alleged incident. The Family Relations officer may then make recommendations to the court based on the interview.

When May An Officer Be Required to Make an Arrest?

The police respond to the complaint and arrive on the scene. They usually arrest the person based on the evidence at the scene and take them into custody at that time. As defined by Connecticut law, probable cause is defined as reasonable grounds to make an arrest.

Expectations Following Stamford Domestic Violence Arrests

A police officer can make Stamford domestic violence arrests based on probable cause. However, sometimes a warrant from a judge is required. The individual will then be processed at the scene or police station and given a summons to come to court the next day.

If a person is brought to the station, they might be released on a promise to appear in court or they are held until the next day at which time there is a bail hearing where the judge determines the bail.

Following a family violence report by the arresting officer, a protective order can be issued by the police that stays in place until the arraignment is held the next day. At that time, the judge can put another protective order in place.

Call Our Attorneys for Help After a Stamford Domestic Violence Arrest

An attorney can help someone seek bail at their arraignment for family violence. If the person is released, a protective order can be put in place by the police until the next court date. When bail is granted, the person can be released as long as they can post the bond.

If someone cannot post the bond on their own, they can contact a relative, friend, or bail bond to post it for them. An attorney can help someone seek release of their own recognizance typically through something called a promise to appear. The attorney can make sure that the individual understands all of the conditions of release so they do not violate them before their next court date which typically occurs the next business day.

After Stamford domestic violence arrests, an attorney can argue that the individual has strong ties to the community and is not likely to offend again. The lawyer can argue that the individual is gainfully employed and that this behavior is out of character for the individual, which is another good arguing point. It is always good when a person has no prior convictions. Contact our firm to learn more.

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