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A Stamford domestic violence arrest for Assault in the third degree under Connecticut General Statutes § 53a-61 requires you to report to Stamford Superior Court the very next business morning. Domestic violence arrests in Stamford are hurried to court because the law requires that a restraining order / protective order hearing takes place as soon as possible to help prevent any further domestic violence incidents.

Due to this quick turnaround time, you will want to contact a Stamford assault lawyer immediately to protect your rights.

Assault Laws

One of the most frequently charged assault cases is third-degree assault under C.G.S. § 53a-61, because it is the easiest for prosecutors to prove in court. All that it takes to be arrested in Stamford Connecticut for third-degree assault is probable cause to believe that someone intentionally, recklessly, or negligently caused physical injury to another person. Intent to injure is not required—even an accident can get them arrested.

The term “physical injury” is extremely easy to prove, requiring only that a victim has experienced some form of pain or bodily harm. No broken bones or serious injury are required for a Third Degree Assault in Stamford. It is classified as a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail.

Protective/Restraining Order Hearing

Your first court date for a Stamford Connecticut arrest for third-degree assault requires you to first meet with a Family Relations Officer, followed by appearing before a Superior Court judge for your restraining/protective order hearing. It is a rushed hearing where the judge hears recommendations from the Family Relations Officer, the prosecutor, the domestic violence victim advocate, and the bail commissioner. The judge will then turn to you or your Stamford assault lawyer for legal arguments as to why a restrictive protective order should not be issued against you.

Next, the judge will quickly rule and decide whether a full no-contact order, full/residential stay-away order, or the least restrictive partial/limited protective order should be issued.

With all of these moving parts, it is helpful to have a Stamford assault attorney on your side and present at your hearings.

Stamford DCF Investigations

If children were present during their parent’s arrest, then the parents will also undergo a DCF Investigation (Department of Children & Families investigation).

This is a separate law enforcement investigation that takes place in addition to the criminal prosecution against them in Stamford Superior Court for third-degree assault. DCF cannot arrest them but they can haul them into court to modify their parenting rights, order them to submit to in-home services, or take temporary or permanent custody of their minor children in serious cases.

Getting An Arrest Off the Internet

It is the protocol for the Stamford Police Department to issue daily press releases to local print and online media outlets of the day’s arrests and police blotters. This can include an individual’s name, address, mug shot, and a skewed, sensational version of their police report.  The more people who click on their arrest report article, the higher the article climbs in search engine ranking, causing irreparable damage to their reputation at work and in their community.

They can get their information removed but they will need the help of a Stamford physical harm attorney to do this.

Call a Stamford Assault Attorney Today

Do not let a Stamford Connecticut third-degree arrest define you, either online or offline. Stamford assault lawyers understand that your reputation is everything, and if this is your first arrest in Stamford, then it is likely that your case can get dismissed sooner than later.

Contact an experienced assault lawyer in Stamford online today or call us at (203) 276-9443.

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