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Assault is an offense with many variations in Stamford, and all of them are serious. The specifics of a Connecticut assault arrest can increase the severity of the crime to make it an aggravated assault, such as assault in the second-degree. In some instances, the term aggravated assault is written into the statutes and in other cases, it is a term used to indicate the presence of aggravating circumstances.

Either way, those charged with any form of aggravated assault face the potential for lengthy prison sentences and very heavy fines. It is vital for anyone charged with this offense to seek help from an experienced Stamford aggravated assault lawyer as quickly as possible to have the best chance of a successful outcome. Let a qualified assault attorney fight for you.

Definition of Criminal Assault

It is difficult to pinpoint an exact overall definition of assault in Connecticut because the term has different definitions in different statutes. In general terms, an assault can be understood as a violent physical contact that causes injury to another person. In most cases, the contact must be intentional, but in some instances, it can be caused by reckless or unintentional conduct.

In addition to sexual assault, the state has three basic assault offenses classified as assault in the first, second and third degrees. While third-degree assault is a misdemeanor charge with maximum penalties that include no more than one year of imprisonment, the other offenses are felonies. Besides these, there are numerous other statutory assault offenses such as assault with a motor vehicle or assault of an elderly, blind, disabled or pregnant person.

Serious Assault Offenses in Connecticut

Individual case circumstances involved in an assault arrest can increase the severity of the charges.

As a Stamford aggravated assault Lawyer may explain, some of the more common factors that turn a simple assault into a felony assault include:

  • The use, display, or assertion of the presence of a firearm
  • Causation of a serious physical injury (which usually involves broken bones)
  • An offense committed against the elderly, disabled, or mentally challenged
  • An offense that causes termination of a pregnancy
  • Three of more individuals ganging up and assaulting an individual

What is Aggravated Sexual Assault in Connecticut?

The most serious aggravated sex assault crimes in Connecticut are set forth in CGS §§ 53a-70a and 53a-70c of the state criminal code. When a minor under a certain age is involved, the offenses are Class A felonies with minimum sentences of 10-25 years in prison.

In other instances, the crime may be treated as a Class B felony with a sentence of 1 to 20 years of imprisonment. In addition, courts can impose fines as high as $20,000.

Aggravated sexual assault refers to sexual assault committed when certain factors are present. These factors include the threatened use of a weapon, intentionally causing a disfiguring injury, recklessly creating a risk of death that causes serious injury, or committing the offense with the aid of two or more conspirators.

Getting Help from a Stamford Aggravated Assault Attorney

Because the facts involved in an assault case can make such a tremendous difference in the severity of the offense, it is crucial to ensure that all the relevant facts are uncovered and presented in the most favorable light.

During a serious Stamford criminal case, there are many stages and numerous decisions to be made. An experienced Stamford aggravated assault lawyer can explain your options and help you determine what is best for you. In addition, your attorney could advocate on your behalf throughout the process to work toward the ideal resolution.

If you have been charged with aggravated assault, then secure help from a legal team that understands this offense and can build the best possible defense for you today.

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