Stamford First-Degree Assault Lawyer

When it comes to the types of punitive sanctions available for criminal offenses across Connecticut, those that flow from convictions on charges of physically assaulting another person can be among the most difficult to face.

Those who have been found guilty of assault in the first degree can expect particularly serious consequences, depending on the specific facts and circumstances of the case at hand.

Considering how much is at stake in prosecutions of this type, anyone accused of offenses within this category must take swift action to secure the vigorous legal defense to which all defendants are entitled.

Should you find yourself on the wrong end of a Stamford Connecticut assault in the first-degree arrest, contact a Stamford first-degree assault lawyer for your best chance of achieving the positive outcome you desire.

First-Degree Assault Charges

Assault-related offenses in Connecticut are classified in different ways, which are largely dependent on factors including the degree of physical harm allegedly inflicted, the defendant’s alleged intent, characteristics of the victim, and whether a weapon was utilized in the incident in question.

The most serious of all assault charges is that of assault in the first degree, and the offense itself is set forth in Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann § 53a-59. An assault of this type could involve actions such as:

  • the use of a gun or firearm in causing injury to another party;
  • those performed with the intent to cause serious or lasting disfigurement or amputation;
  • the use of a deadly weapon or otherwise dangerous implement to cause serious physical harm
  • conduct marked by recklessness capable of bringing about another person’s death, but which in fact causes severe physical injury; and
  • actions meant to produce serious injuries which are undertaken by no less than two individuals.

Possible Sentences

A first-degree assault attorney in Stamford will know that when first-degree assault charges are lodged, defendants must take heed of the fact that the prospective punishments in the event of conviction are quite significant indeed.

Anyone found guilty of such offenses in Stamford or anywhere in Connecticut may be subjected to imprisonment of anywhere between one and twenty years, monetary fines reaching upwards of $15,000, unwieldy community service requirements and extended periods of probation.

It must also be noted that criminal convictions which are related to assault offenses can bring with them a host of additional ramifications which can impact an individual’s life for years into the future. Difficulty in securing or retaining existing employment positions, damage to professional and personal reputations, harm to marital and familial relationships and other consequences potentially stemming from conviction make the need for a prompt, efficient Stamford first-degree assault lawyer all the more evident.

Penalty Enhancements

While the potential penalties for standard first-degree assault convictions are already quite severe, there are a number of circumstances under which the punishments imposed may be even more stringent.

One example of this provides that an instance of first-degree assault committed against an expectant mother which prevents the pregnancy from proceeding to a live birth will be classified as a Class A felony offense.  Those convicted may be subject to a sentence of 10-50 years in prison or a term of 25 years to life, depending on the circumstances, in addition to monetary fines that can reach $20,000.

In a similar vein, an individual can be arrested in Stamford for first-degree assault against a disabled, blind, elderly, pregnant or intellectually disabled individual, which carry sentencing enhancements which include prison terms for which judges are given no authority to suspend or reduce during the first 5 years.

Defense Strategies

Unfortunately, it is all too common for those accused of serious crimes to experience a sense of helplessness in terms of their ability to fight the case against them. It is, therefore, critical for all defendants to keep in mind that charges alone do not equal conviction, and there may be multiple, effective defense strategies an individual’s Stamford first-degree assault attorney can employ on their behalf.

Self-defense, intoxication, the defendant’s true intent, the degree of harm inflicted, and other factual considerations may form the basis of winning arguments capable of causing charges to be dropped or reduced, or at the least, achieving significant mitigation of penalties imposed.

Contact an Attorney

No Connecticut resident relishes the thought of having to fight against an assault charge of any kind. However, when it comes to asserting your right to receive fair treatment under the law, there is no time to waste. So if you are facing an assault in the first-degree allegation, a seasoned Stamford first-degree assault attorney stands ready to assist.

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