Stamford Assault on an Officer Lawyer

As numerous recent, highly-publicized incidents have shown, encounters between private citizens and law enforcement personnel can often be highly-charged events that lead to regrettable scenes of violence. As lawyers have seen, incidents of this type are unfortunately known for producing serious confusion, conflicting accounts, and arrests for assault on a police officer charges under CG 53a-167c.

Those accused of this type of offense soon find themselves facing the very real possibility of jail time, expensive fines, and other ramifications which can impact their lives for years to come. For these and other reasons, it is incumbent upon anyone arrested to obtain the assistance of a Stamford assault on an officer lawyer who understands the complexities of these charges and will get to work fighting for justice and fair treatment under Connecticut law.

How is Assault on an Officer Defined?

Many citizens are under the impression that members of law enforcement view the crime of assaulting a police officer as being a concept that gives them great interpretive leeway when it comes to seeking charges. However, the offense itself has been given a definitive articulation via Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. § 53a-167c, which aims to outline the situations in which convictions may be obtained.

Per the statute’s provisions, an individual can be arrested for assault on a police officer if they have, with the requisite intent to prevent an officer from fulfilling their duties, caused that individual to sustain physical harm. The necessary level of injury to sustain such a charge has been subject to liberal interpretations and can apply to any sort of pain whatsoever. A Stamford attorney can help defend against assault on an officer charges.

Potential Penalties for Assaulting a Police Officer

People arrested must make no mistake about the seriousness of this type of criminal charge. Categorized as a Class C felony, assaulting a police officer or other covered individual may yield a term of incarceration ranging from 1 to 10 years. Further, financial penalties of up to $10,000 may be imposed, alongside the employment loss, reputational harm and other damage a conviction of this type is almost certain to bring. A Stamford attorney can help lessen these penalties when facing charges for assault on an officer.

Who is Considered an Officer Under this Assault Statute?

Despite the seemingly narrow implications of its title, the statute defining assault on a police officer and applicable penalties is actually rather broad in its applications. In addition to those traditionally thought of as police officers, the protections provided by the law are also extended to:

  • Those employed by the Board of Pardons and Paroles
  • Employees of the Department of Corrections
  • Liquor control agents
  • Agents of the Judicial Branch responsible for juvenile detention services
  • Public transit system employees
  • Employees of the Department of Children and Families
  • First responders/EMTs
  • Canine search and rescue team members; and
  • Emergency room doctors, nurses, and staff

Contact a Stamford Assault on an Officer Attorney

Because allegations of police officer assault routinely involve heated emotions, contentious scenarios and conflicting points of view, it is critical for defendants to have a Stamford assault on an officer lawyer on their side.

If you have been arrested for assault on a police officer, then you deserve a legal representative who will comb through every bit of available evidence in order to weaken the state’s case and secure the most beneficial result possible. There is no time to waste in enlisting experienced, knowledgeable guidance from an attorney.

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