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Defending Stamford Sexting Allegations

If your child has been accused of unlawful sexting, retaining a Stamford sexting defense lawyer should be a high priority. A knowledgeable sex crimes attorney could help you understand the law, what repercussion could come from a conviction, and what your options are for fighting back against this allegation.

Is Sexting Between Minors a Child Pornography Offense?

Under current state law, it is illegal for a person between 13 and 16 years old to send a sexually explicit photo or video of themselves to someone between 13 and 18 years old, or for a person between 13 and 18 years old to knowingly receive or possess such an image from someone between 13 and 16 years old. Importantly, though, since neither party involved is a legal adult, this particular offense is not prosecuted under the same statutes or with the same sanctions as possession of child pornography by an adult.

How is Possession of Child Pornography By a Minor Classified?

Under  Connecticut General Statutes §53a-196h, “possessing or transmitting child pornography by minors” is a class A misdemeanor. Typically minors charged with this offense will be prosecuted in juvenile court as opposed to adult court. In the juvenile court, an adjudication may result in fines, probation, or up to 18 months in a juvenile detention center at worst.

How Can This Charge Affect my Future?

Of course, the repercussions that can come from an adjudication in juvenile court can still have an immensely negative impact on a young person’s life, to say nothing of the personal and social consequences that may come from nude images being circulated among people other than the minor they originally sent them to. In addition to advocating on a minor’s behalf during court proceedings, a dedicated Stamford sexting attorney could also provide guidance about how to mitigate consequences in other areas of a defendant minor’s life.

How Can My Case Get Dropped Following Sexting Charges in Stamford?

If you can prove that you did not possess more than two illicit photos, you did not knowingly request the material, and you took reasonable and good faith steps to destroy the material and alert law enforcement you may be able to have your charges dropped.

A sexting lawyer in Stamford could clarify whether this affirmative defense might be helpful for a minor charged with this offense and if so, work to factor it into their defense strategy.

A Stamford Sexting Attorney Could Help

While sexting between minors is no longer considered a standard child pornography offense, it is still an extremely serious matter even if it does not lead to any criminal charges.

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