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Depending on the circumstances of your case, allegedly threatening to distribute or actually disseminating another person’s private and intimate images of themselves could lead to you facing felony charges, a conviction for which could land you in state prison.

By working with a Stamford sextortion lawyer, you could ensure the prosecution does not violate your rights and that you give yourself the best chance possible of a positive case result.

What is The Legal Definition of “Revenge Porn?”

Colloquially speaking, the term “sextortion” can refer to one of two similar but distinct acts, one of which is significantly less severe than the other. According to Connecticut General Statutes §53a-189c, a person commits the offense of “unlawful dissemination of an intimate image” if all the following elements apply to their situation:

  • The defendant intentionally published, sold, transferred, or otherwise shared an intimate image with someone other than the person depicted in that image
  • The person in the image was clearly identifiable, not exposing themselves voluntarily in a public place or commercial setting, and in a sexually suggestive or explicit position or engaging in sexual intercourse
  • The defendant disseminated the image knowing that the depicted individual had a reasonable expectation the image would remain private
  • The depicted individual suffered some kind of harm as a result of the dissemination

What Are The Penalties of Sextortion?

Unless the dissemination of such an image reasonably served the public interest, this act is a class A misdemeanor punishable in the state of Connecticut by one year in jail and up to a $2,000 fine. A Stamford sextortion attorney could explain this offense in more detail and offer guidance on potential defense strategies during a private consultation.

When Could “Revenge Porn” Be a Felony?

Recent legislative efforts have sought to make violations of C.G.S. §53a-189c a felony offense, in order to discourage future acts of “revenge porn.” In the meantime, though, threatening to disseminate intimate images can still be a felony if it is done for the purposes of extortion.

Compelling someone else to pay to prevent intimate images of themselves from being published constitutes larceny by extortion, which—as per C.G.S. §53a-122(a)(1)—is automatically a first-degree larceny offense. This means that “sextortion” is always a class B felony offense, for which a conviction could lead to a prison sentence of anywhere from one to 20 years in length, as well as a $15,000 fine. Representation from a skilled sextortion lawyer in Stamford is especially crucial if you are facing this particular kind of allegation.

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