Stamford Sexual Assault Investigations

Once a sexual assault report has been made, the protocol for Stamford sexual assault investigations is to immediately interview the alleged harmed individual. Oftentimes, they take the alleged harmed person to the hospital to have a rape kit done to collect any DNA evidence that may still be available after the event. They begin the investigation by talking to witnesses, collecting statements, and reaching out to the alleged perpetrator to try to get statements from them.

Sexual assaults are considered serious offenses in Connecticut, and a conviction could lead to jail time. If you were accused of sexual assault, reach out to a top sexual assault defense attorney for assistance. An attorney could stand by your side at every step, from Stamford sexual assault investigations through the trial process. Call today to schedule a case review.

Scenarios When Law Enforcement Arrests Both Parties

In a rare scenario, the law enforcement officer might arrest both the alleged attacker and the alleged harmed individual. This could occur in a scenario in which crimes were allegedly committed by both parties. Although this is an unusual phenomenon, law enforcement could make the decision to arrest both parties after reviewing the facts of the case.

Rights of the Accused

Once an arrest has been made, the alleged attacker has the following rights:

  • The right to an attorney
  • The right to remain silent or anything they say could be used against them
  • The right to have an attorney present for questioning
  • The right to cross-examine any witnesses
  • The right to force the state of proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt at trial

What Are The Rights of the Alleged Harmed Individual in a Sexual Assault Lawyer?

Those same rights apply to an alleged harmed person if they have been arrested. Alleged harmed individuals also have rights in the Connecticut constitution: the right to have a say in every step of the case and the right to know of court dates and dispositions. If the alleged harmed person was arrested, they are also a defendant, so they have the same rights that other defendants have.

What Happens During a Sexual Assault Investigation?

Stamford sexual assault investigations are common prior to arrests. If an arrest is made too quickly, it makes it difficult for the prosecutor to prove their cases. If a thorough investigation is conducted first, it gives the prosecutor a much more stable case to prosecute.

It is not uncommon for law enforcement officers to arrest an alleged attacker prior to conducting an investigation, but it is unwise. If they arrest somebody prior to an investigation, it can cause problems for the prosecution because typically investigations do not happen after an arrest is made.

Role of Probable Cause

A law enforcement officer needs probable cause before they make an arrest for the individual, so they need to find that there is probable cause that a sexual assault occurred. They have to submit a warrant to a judge, and the judge to agree with them. If the judge agrees with them, then the law enforcement officer could go ahead and make an arrest.

Call a Top Sexual Assault Attorney

Stamford sexual assault investigations can have devastating consequences if an individual does not handle them correctly. Even a small mistake in testimony can lead to years behind bars. Reach out to a qualified defense attorney before making any statements to police. They could protect your rights and fight for a quick resolution to your case.

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