Sex Offender Registration in Stamford

The consequences of a sex crime conviction can follow an individual for life. In Stamford, a conviction for certain crimes can require lifetime sex offender registration, which can damage your personal and professional reputation.

If you were charged with rape, sexual assault, or another sex offense, you need a strong legal advocate. Reach out to a skilled defense attorney for help resolving the charges against you.

What is the Long-Term Impact of Sex Offender Registration?

Being listed on a sex offender registry impacts the remainder of an individual’s life in many ways. The sex offender registry is available on the internet, so anyone who looks can find out that an individual is a convicted sex offender. For example, potential landlords will know of an individual’s status if they conduct a background check. In addition, registration can have a negative impact on future professional opportunities, promotions, new jobs, and new relationships.

How Can a Sex Offense Conviction Affect My Employment?

Convicted sex offenders often have great difficulty securing a job. Potential employers can easily find this information online, and many companies require prospective employees to list any criminal convictions on the application itself. Because the registry is available on the internet, a business’ clients might be able to find it. This makes many employers reluctant to hire convicted sex offenders.

How Can a Conviction Impact My Housing?

Even if a person only has to register one time, they have to keep their address updated for the remainder of their time on the registry. Anytime they move, they need to update their address with the registry, and if they are still on probation, they might be limited as to where they can live, especially in a case where a minor was involved. Convicted sex offenders might not be allowed to live with or near children.

Additionally, since this information is public, neighbors may know of an individual’s registration status, and offenders often face significant social stigma.

Can an Attorney Remove My Name From the Registry?

A sexual assault attorney may be able to help remove an individual from the registry in two ways. First, an attorney may be able to modify an individual’s sentence and remove the registration requirement altogether. The other option is seeking a pardon. Unfortunately, both of those methods are uphill battles, and it would be much better to have an attorney in the first place to fight the charges.

Reach Out to a Stamford Sexual Assault Attorney Today

If you were arrested for a sex crime, you should not risk appearing in court alone. Even after you serve your sentence, you may have to register as a sex offender, which can be devastating to your reputation. For help avoiding the possibility of sex offender registration, reach out to an experienced Stamford attorney at Mark Sherman Law today.

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