Weston Domestic Violence Arrest Lawyer

If you were recently detained on suspicion of domestic violence, your first priority should be to retain assistance from a dedicated domestic violence attorney. Guidance from a Weston domestic violence arrest lawyer who has dealt with cases like yours before can be key to effective preserving your rights and securing a positive resolution to your case.

What Are Some Potential Charges for Domestic Violence Arrests?

In general, a criminal offense may be classified as domestic violence in Connecticut if the alleged target or victim is a family member, spouse, relationship partner, or roommate. Depending on the specific circumstances, though, a Weston resident may be arrested for domestic violence under one of many different criminal statutes.

One of the most common charges for domestic violence arrests is disorderly conduct, which Connecticut General Statutes §53a-182 defines as any offensive act that inconveniences, alarms, or annoys another person. If one party allegedly threatened or caused physical harm to another, the offense may instead be pursued as a domestic violence assault under C.G.S. §53a-61.To learn more about Weston disorderly conduct charges, click here.

How Are These Charges Treated?

Charges under these two statutes are misdemeanor offenses, meaning criminal sanctions following a conviction would be limited to a maximum of one year in jail and a $500 fine. However, it is especially important for anyone accused of domestic violence against a child, pregnant woman, or elderly person to retain counsel from a Weston domestic violence arrest attorney, as these kinds of offenses are usually prosecuted more severely as felonies.

What Should I Do After Being Arrested?

One of the defining traits of domestic violence cases in Connecticut is the speed with which they often proceed. In virtually all scenarios, a person arrested for domestic violence will be required to appear in court on the next business morning for an initial arraignment hearing, during which they will almost certainly have a temporary protective order established against them. To learn more about the kinds of restraining orders in Connecticut, click here.

Can What I Say be Used Against Me in a Protective Order Hearing?

Everyone has heard the Miranda warnings on TV “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law”, and they are not lying. The prosecution can and will use your statements against you when possible. Even a seemingly innocuous statement could lead to a more severe restraining order being implemented in the short term and put custody rights and personal freedom at risk in the long term. However, in some cases statements made in violation of your Constitutional rights may be excluded.

If retained in time, a seasoned attorney can start advocating for a defendant immediately after their Weston domestic violence arrest, including at this first protective order hearing. Importantly, they could also offer guidance during interviews with Family Relations Officers, law enforcement officers, DCF investigators, and prosecuting attorneys, ensuring that the defendant does not say or do anything that might inadvertently hurt their case and help the prosecution.

Contact a Weston Domestic Violence Arrest Attorney for Help

Beyond just helping you with your criminal case, a Weston domestic violence arrest lawyer can advocate on your behalf in family court proceedings and work to protect your best interests out of court as well. Follow this link to read our hundreds of certified avvo.com reviews. To set up an initial consultation and talk about your legal options, call Mark Sherman Law today.

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