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Allegations of criminal harassment can have severe repercussions on an individual’s criminal record and personal life. If you are dealing with accusations of harassing another person to an unlawful degree, reach out to a Weston harassment lawyer with extensive experience handling these charges. Our skilled domestic violence attorneys are waiting to help.

What Is Criminal Harassment in Weston?

The Connecticut Penal Code outlines two variants of criminal harassment, one of which is a misdemeanor while the other is a felony. According to Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-183, a person may commit Harassment in the Second Degree in one of three ways: (1) by using obscene or indecent language to address someone else over the phone, (2) by intentionally harassing or frightening another person through the mail or similar form of written communication, via telephone or computer network, or (3) by intentionally harassing or alarming an individual by calling them. Harassment is considered a Class C misdemeanor and is punishable by up to a $500 fine and a maximum term of three months in jail.

Conversely, Harassment in the First Degree, as defined under C.G.S. §53a-182b, is a much more severe Class D felony offense. A conviction under this class could result in maximum sanctions of five years imprisonment and $5,000 in fines. A person commits this offense if they intend to harass or terrorize another individual by threatening to physically injure or kill them after previously being convicted of a violent felony offense.

What Constitutes Harassment as a Domestic Violence Offense?

A person who allegedly commits Harassment in the First or Second Degree against a household or family member may have their offense classified as “family violence.” This designation may be applied regardless of whether the aggressor is a current or former family or household member. For example, someone who harasses a former spouse may have committed “family violence” just as much as someone found to be harassing a current romantic partner.

Domestic violence harassment has the same criminal sanctions as any other harassment charge committed against another person. However, rather than waiting days or weeks for an arraignment, anyone arrested for domestic violence harassment must generally make their first appearance in court on the next business day following their arrest.

Additionally, a court will likely impose a protective order against a defendant during their criminal trial. A protective order will prohibit an alleged aggressor from further harassing the protected party, impose restrictions on where they can go or live, and/or forbid them from communicating in any way with the alleged victim. Representation from a seasoned lawyer in Weston can be beneficial when attempting to minimize the consequences of this charge in family court.

Contact a Weston Harassment Attorney for Help

Criminal harassment is taken very seriously by law enforcement officers and court authorities across Connecticut. A single conviction could have a grave impact on every aspect of your life. However, understanding that legal options may be available to you is essential.

Having a skilled Weston harassment lawyer on your side could make a massive difference in your chances of securing the most favorable case result possible. Get in touch with Mark Sherman Law today to begin building your defense and getting your life back on track. Find out why we have a five-star rating on Avvo today by calling our office and scheduling an initial consultation.

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