Weston Risk of Injury to a Minor Lawyer

Even if the child does not appear to suffer a physical or mental harm, placing a child in a dangerous situation is a felony. A Weston risk of injury to a minor lawyer may be able to help. 

What is Risking the Welfare of a Child? 

Perhaps the most important role that the law plays in people’s lives is in protecting vulnerable members of society. No people are more at risk than children. The law states that any person who willfully risks injury to a child commits a crime.

Connecticut General Statutes § 53-21 states that it is against the law to willfully or unlawfully place a child under the age of 16 in a position that risks the health or morals of any child. This may include abandoning a child, leaving a child with a known dangerous person, or allowing the child to participate in activities that are not appropriate for their age. Police officers and prosecutors have great discretion to decide whether criminal charges are appropriate in any situation.

Risking injury to a minor may also have sexual connotations. This same statute says that it is illegal to have any contact with the intimate parts of a child under the age of 16 in a sexual manner. If this is the case, you may face investigation by DCF as well.

Finally, and much less common, it is illegal to transfer the legal custody of a child to another person for money or other property.

What Are The Potential Penalties for a Criminal Conviction?

The law works hard to protect the welfare of children. As a result, any act that places a child under the age of 16 at a significant risk of physical, emotional, or moral harm is a very serious matter.

Connecticut General Statutes § 53-21 states that risking injury to a child is a class C felony at the very least. This means that a conviction will result in a prison sentence of at least one year in prison with a maximum of ten. In addition, the court may order a party to pay a fine of up to $10,000.

In other situations, the offense is a more serious class B felony. This applies when the alleged endangerment of a child involves contact with the intimate parts of a child who is under the age of 16. Here, the maximum prison sentence may be as many as 25 years, and the possible fine rises to $15,000. However, if the age of the alleged victim is 12 or younger, the court must sentence the party to at least five years in prison.

People who receive a class B felony conviction under this statute must also register as a sex offender for ten years after a first conviction. If this is a second conviction, the registration is for life. To learn more about sex offender registration, click here. A Weston risk of injury to a minor lawyer could help people to avoid these harsh consequences by presenting persuasive arguments in and out of court.

Let a Weston Risk of Injury to a Child Lawyer Help You

Hiring a Weston risk of injury to a child attorney could provide essential protection. A lawyer can work to explain the law, evaluate the evidence in the prosecutor’s case, and tailor a defense that best fits your needs. Get started today by reading some of our 5-star reviews from prior clients, click here to learn more.

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