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If you were recently accused of sexual assault, solicitation, prostitution, or any other sex-related criminal offense, you may be facing fines, incarceration, and potentially mandatory sex offender registration. Fortunately, an experienced attorney could help. A Weston sex crimes lawyer could advocate tirelessly for your best interests and seek a favorable resolution to your criminal trial.

What Are The Various Types of Sex Crimes Codified Under State Law?

There are three broad categories of sex offenses defined under Connecticut state law. Connecticut General Statutes §§53a-65 through 53a-73a address various degrees and forms of sexual assault, C.G.S. §§53a-82 through 53a-90b define offenses relating to soliciting or providing sex for hire, and C.G.S. §§53a-193 through 53a-210 relate to the possession and/or dissemination of obscene material and child pornography in particular. In addition, C.G.S. §§53a-189a through 53a-189c address voyeurism and the dissemination of voyeuristic or intimate materials, also known as “revenge porn.”

How Serious are Sex Crimes?

With only a few exceptions, such as fourth-degree sexual assault and individual prostitution and solicitation offenses, all sex crimes in Connecticut are considered to be felonies. Furthermore, many arrests for such offenses are based on testimonial rather than documentary evidence, meaning that the observations of police officers and witnesses can play a huge role in a criminal conviction.

In many situations, pursuing an acquittal or even simply mitigating potential sanctions is a matter of presenting a comprehensive and convincing counterargument against the prosecution’s assumptions and assertions, as opposed to finding and presenting objective exculpatory evidence. Accordingly, representation from a skilled Weston sex crimes attorney is often especially crucial to securing a positive outcome in this kind of case.

What Are The Potential Consequences of a Conviction?

Since most sex crimes in Connecticut are felonies, most convictions are punishable by significant prison time as well as steep fines. For example, a conviction for second-degree sexual assault of an adult, a Class C felony that involves compelling sexual contact through the use of force, could result in one year in prison at minimum up to ten years maximum, as well as fines that can reach $10,000 in value.

Unfortunately, the penalties associated with sex crimes often do not cease after a convicted party’s release from prison either. Following all violent sex crime convictions and even some non-violent convictions, convicted parties are subject to mandatory registration with the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection as a sex offender for either 10 years or for the rest of their life.

In addition to the catastrophic personal and professional repercussions that even a misdemeanor sex crime conviction could have. Due to the potential consequences, seeking help from a skilled sex crimes lawyer in Weston can be important not just to avoiding prison time, but also to preserving future prospects in many other ways.

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