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Possession of child pornography, even by a minor is a serious criminal offense under current state law, as is the dissemination of such material by its underage subject to other minors.

A skilled Weston sexting lawyer could work tirelessly to resolve these charges in a positive way as quickly and privately as possible.

What Is Sexting?

According to Connecticut General Statutes §53a-196h, it is against the law for anyone under the age of 18 in Weston to receive a sexually explicit picture or video of a person under 16 from the person depicted in that material. This statute makes it similarly illegally for someone under 16 to send sexually explicit images or videos of themselves to anyone else under the age of 18.

Importantly, the consent of the parties involved in such an exchange is not a relevant factor when it comes to criminal prosecution—in other words, dissemination of child pornography is a crime regardless of whether the parties involved are dating, intimately involved, or consider the matter consensual in any other way. However, the dissemination of such material without the consent of the subject—for example, multiple students passing around sexually explicit images of a classmate without that classmate’s knowledge—could lead to harsher prosecution, as a Weston sexting attorney could explain in further detail.

What Are The Consequences for Sexting?

This offense is considered a class A misdemeanor, which is significantly less severe than the felony charges an adult found in possession of child pornography could face. However, class A misdemeanor offenses are still punishable by jail time of up to a year at most, as well as a fine of $2,000, a lengthy probationary period, and potentially even registration as a sex offender.

How Can I Fight Unlawful Sexting Allegations?

There are affirmative defenses available for possession of child pornography charges. Specifically, a person cannot be convicted of violation C.G.S. §53a-196h if they unintentionally acquired only one or two unlawful images and, upon becoming aware of them, immediately destroyed them or reported them to law enforcement.

Likewise, a person under 18 who was not aware that the subject of sexually explicit images they received was under 16 may be able to contest their charges under C.G.S. §53a-196h on those grounds. A sexting lawyer in Weston could discuss during a confidential consultation what defense strategy may be appropriate in a particular situation.

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