Westport Assault on an Officer Lawyer

Being accused of assaulting a police officer is a serious matter, so it may be wise to seek assistance from a seasoned defense attorney. A seasoned Westport assault on an officer lawyer could help you understand the exact nature of your charges and then work tirelessly to contest those charges on your behalf.

What Are The Criminal Charges and Consequences for Assaulting an Officer?

Somewhat counterintuitively, there is no statute under Connecticut state law explicitly defining assault of a police officer as a unique offense. Instead, Connecticut General Statutes §53a-167c prohibits all the following actions being committed against a peace officer, medical responder, public transit employer, or public safety official:

  • Causing any form of physical harm
  • Throwing bodily fluids at them
  • Throwing paint, dye, or any other staining substance at them
  • Throwing any blunt object at them that could cause physical harm upon impact
  • Causing them to be exposed to tear gas or another similar irritant

If someone is convicted of this class C felony offense, they may face up to 10 years in jail as well as a maximum fine of $10,000. A Westport assault on an officer attorney may be able to help mitigate the penalties a particular defendant faces, depending on the circumstances.

What Is Needed to Contest an Assault on an Officer Charge?

Although it may not seem fair for a charge classified as a felony, conviction for assaults of police officers are often based on extremely subjective evidence. A wide variety of actions could be construed as the cause of a “physical injury,” and depending on the court in which a case is heard, a police officer may not even be required to provide documentary evidence that they actually suffered physical harm.

In some cases, an assault on an officer lawyer in Westport could help defend someone accused of this offense by subpoenaing body camera footage and other video and photo evidence that could clarify what really happened. However, given that police body cameras sometimes have an uncanny tendency to “malfunction,” this type of evidence is not always readily available.

In the absence of documentary proof that an assault and/or subsequent injury occurred, this kind of case can sometimes boil down to the arresting officer’s word against that of the defendant. In these circumstances, it can be especially crucial for a defendant to have skilled legal counsel advocating on their behalf.

Seek Help from a Westport Assault on an Officer Attorney

Instead of fighting your charges alone, consider seeking representation from a Westport assault on an officer lawyer. You can read what past clients have to say about working with us at Avvo.com. To schedule an initial consultation about your case, call today.

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