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An arrest for first-degree assault  is an extremely serious crime with severe penalties. The factors that distinguish the various degrees of assault hinge on a variety of factors, including the intent of the parties and the degree of injury suffered to the alleged victim.

Therefore it is crucial to ensure that the facts of a first-degree assault case are investigated and challenged thoroughly by a qualified criminal assault attorney.  An experienced Westport first-degree assault lawyer will carefully analyze and assess the facts of your case and how the law applies to those facts in order to craft the best possible defense for you.

First-Degree Assault Penalties

All Connecticut arrests for Assault First Degree are heard in Norwalk Superior Court, located at 17 Belden Avenue (this is because Westport does not have its own criminal courthouse).  Under Connecticut law, first-degree assault is treated as a Class B felony. The penalties for such offenses include up to 20 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $15,000.

If the person harmed in the assault is physically or mentally disabled, blind, elderly, very young, or pregnant, then the penalties are enhanced. Often a mandatory minimum prison sentenced is required, and the court is not able to suspend or reduce the sentence. A Westport attorney can explain the potential penalties for a first-degree assault charge in more detail during a consultation.

Importance of Intent in First-Degree Assault

Although the individual must intend to cause harm, it is not necessary to show that the harm was intended for a particular individual. Intent or state of mind can be proven by statements or circumstances surrounding an event. Accordingly, it is important to take quick action to preserve as much evidence as possible.

As a Westport attorney can attest, the elements that make up the crime of first-degree assault involve five different scenarios that constitute a violation, they share one element in common:  state of mind.  In order for an arrest for assault to take place, the individual taking action must intend to cause the type of harm that results or must act recklessly in a way that demonstrates extreme indifference to human life.

Assault in the First degree is described as occurring when:

  • An individual intentionally causes serious physical injury to another by use of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument
  • An individual intentionally disfigures or destroys the organ or body part of another
  • An individual recklessly takes dangerous action and causes serious physical injury to another
  • An individual accompanied by two or more others intentionally causes serious physical injury to another
  • Intending to cause injury, an individual fires a gun and causes injury

Let a Westport First-Degree Attorney Help

Connecticut prosecutors and police have been taking an increasingly strict stance on assault arrests in Westport and elsewhere in the state.  With such serious penalties at stake, it is critical to work with an attorney experienced in this complicated area of law.

An experienced and aggressive Westport first-degree assault lawyer will provide guidance at each step during the process.  So if you have been charged or arrested with this offense, contact our team to start working toward the best possible outcome of your case.

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