Westport Third-Degree Assault Lawyer

If you were charged with third-degree assault, you should not risk handling your case alone. Without skilled representation, you could face serious penalties, including jail time, heavy fines, and restrictive protective orders. Fortunately, a qualified assault lawyer could put years of experience to work on your behalf and construct a solid defense. Call a Westport assault in the third degree lawyer today to discuss your case.

What Constitutes Third-Degree Assault in CT?

Under Connecticut General Statutes §53a-61, you can be charged with assault in the third degree in Westport if you recklessly cause a serious injury to another person, or cause any type of physical injury either intentionally or through the use of a dangerous weapon or implement. Physical injury is defined very broadly under CGS §53a-3 to include any impairment of physical condition or pain, so an action as simple as a shove or slap may provide grounds for a charge of third-degree assault.

Restraining and Protective Orders

In cases where third-degree assault is charged after a domestic dispute, one or more parties involved may seek a protective or restraining order. These orders may completely prohibit contact between parties, or they may place restrictions on how or where contact may take place.

It is extremely important to understand the terms involved and comply with them fully, because violation of a retraining or protective order is generally treated as a separate felony offense which compounds criminal liability. For help understanding restraining orders and any other legal issue that might factor into your case, talk to a third-degree assault lawyer in Westport about your unique situation.

What Are The Penalties for Third-Degree Assault?

It is Connecticut’s highest misdemeanor. Assault in the third degree is classified as a class A misdemeanor. That means that those convicted may be sentenced to up to one year of imprisonment and a fine as high as $2,000.

Long-Term Consequences

In addition, a conviction for third-degree assault establishes a criminal record involving a violent offense. This can make it difficult to obtain housing, find employment, or get a loan, and it can even cause problems in personal relationships.

What if I Assault an Elderly or Pregnant Person?

This is taken much more seriously. If an assault is committed against a vulnerable member of the population, such as a person who is pregnant, elderly, disabled, or blind, the usual one-year term of imprisonment may not be suspended or reduced as per CGS §53a-61a. The one-year term is also not subject to reduction if a deadly weapon is used in committing the assault. In either situation, a Westport assault in the third degree attorney could help you explore your options for lessening the degree or possible consequences of your charge.

Value of a Westport Third-Degree Assault Attorney

If you were accused of assault in the third-degree, contact a Westport third-degree assault lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled attorney can provide legal representation during the arraignment process and attempt to mitigate the severity of the protective order. Speak to a knowledgeable assault lawyer who could help you figure out how to resolve your case in the most cost-effective way possible while protecting your interests and fighting for you.

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