Westport Disorderly Conduct Investigations

Whatever your specific circumstances may be, retaining a top disorderly conduct lawyer may be crucial to effectively pursuing a positive outcome to your case. Talk to a skilled legal professional for help dealing with any kind of Westport disorderly conduct investigations.

What Happens After an Investigation and Arrest for Disorderly Conduct?

According to Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-182, the class C misdemeanor offense of disorderly conduct can entail any one of several different disruptive actions. If someone’s alleged disorderly conduct immediately annoys or alarms a specific person who then proceeds to call the police, it is likely that the offending party would be arrested by law enforcement on the scene.
However, the aforementioned statute also states disorderly conduct can take forms such as impeding traffic, disrupting a lawful public gathering, and refusing to leave a public gathering when ordered to do so by police. Situations like these may not always results in arrests on the scene, so law enforcement may elect to open an investigation into the matter and seek evidence to justify a court-approved warrant for someone’s arrest.

Should I Exercise My Right to Remain Silent?

While it is important for recently arrested parties to be aware of their rights and not say or do anything to incriminate themselves, these considerations are arguably even more crucial for parties who suspect they are being investigated but have not been arrested yet. A seasoned attorney can provide guidance and support to anyone in Westport who thinks they are being investigated by law enforcement for disorderly conduct.

Can DCF Become Involved?

If disorderly conduct occurs in the arrested party’s home and/or involves their spouse, family, roommate(s), or housemate(s), it may be classified as a domestic violence offense. In addition to potentially being prosecuted more severely at the criminal level, anyone accused of domestic violence disorderly conduct in Westport will be subject to an investigation from the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) if they have children or were around children at the time of their alleged offense.

How Involved Is a DCF Investigation?

Depending on the circumstances, the DCF may open a “Family Assessment Response” or a “Full Investigation.” The latter type of investigation is reserved for more serious cases in which the DCF suspects abuse or neglect of children in the arrested party’s household. While the former type is considered less severe, it can be escalated to a Full Investigation if the DCF finds grounds to do so.

How an Attorney Can Help with a Disorderly Conduct Investigation in Westport

Once retained, a skilled attorney could make sure you do not do anything to hurt your case while being investigated for disorderly conduct in Westport, and help you build a strong defense. Call Mark Sherman Law today to set up an initial consultation and discuss your legal options.

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