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It is a good idea to consult a Westport resisting arrest lawyer to learn your options for defense if you have been charged with interfering with an officer. A top criminal lawyer familiar with the local court’s treatment of resisting arrest can use all available strategies to achieve a positive outcome for your situation.

How Is Resisting Arrest Defined?

Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-167a describes the circumstances that constitute the crime of resisting arrest or interfering with an officer. While many crimes require the individual accused to be acting with a specific intent or recklessness, these elements are absent from the definition of interfering with an officer/resisting arrest.

You can be convicted of resisting arrest if you take any of the following actions against certain officers:

  • Obstructing
  • Resisting
  • Hindering
  • Endangering

A Westport resisting arrest attorney can work to show that actions in a particular case did not reach the level to constitute a violation.

What Are the Penalties for Resisting Arrest?

Interfering with an officer, or resisting arrest, is treated as a Class A misdemeanor in most cases. The penalties for this grade of offense include up to one year of imprisonment, although a resisting arrest lawyer in Westport can negotiate for an alternative.

How Can I Be Charged with a Felony for Resisting Arrest?

If the alleged crime results in serious injury to another person, then the offense becomes a Class D felony and the maximum sentence increases to five years in prison. An injury is considered “serious” if it creates a substantial risk of death, causes serious disfigurement, results in serious impairment of health or causes serious loss of function to a bodily organ.

How Serious Are Felony Convictions?

In addition to or instead of a term of imprisonment, the court may also impose a fine as high as $2,000 for a misdemeanor or $5,000 for a felony. However, the costliest consequence of a conviction for resisting arrest is often the criminal record left behind. Anyone conducting a search may be put off by a criminal conviction, and that could cause problems when applying for jobs or trying to obtain preferred housing.

Consult a Westport Resisting Arrest Attorney

A Westport resisting arrest lawyer can assist with preparing evidence as well as defending your rights when you have been accused. To learn more about the advantages a resisting arrest attorney could provide in your case, call Mark Sherman Law today for a confidential consultation.

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